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Project Nebula: Starmapping

The long awaited expansion that introduces a whole new role for our explorers and adds new NFTs to the game!

Exploring the unknown has always been an integral part of Project Nebula. Our game universe is vast, the GEN-0 and GEN-1 areas are divided into 400 unique sectors, each with 400 hexes to uncover — knowing how to get around and where's what is a crucial part of staying ahead of the competition and securing rewards.

The next Project Nebula expansion is designed to provide a way for new players to catch up with the more experienced players by giving them a chance to purchase Starmaps of entire sectors, advancing months worth of gameplay in an instant. In addition to hunting anomalies for multiple factions, colonizing planets, and harvesting asteroids, players can now become the Starmappers of their sectors.

Project Nebula Galaxy View

What is a Starmap?

A Starmap is an NFT that holds all the information of a single sector in it. When loaded into your ship's computers, it will instantly explore the whole area for you, revealing all map locations including solar systems and wormholes, as well as any temporary objects such as asteroids or even other players' ships. Another huge benefit of having explored hexes is the reduced fuel costs that apply to your ship on already known territories, enabling up to 5x more movement in these areas.

Whether you're currently completing missions, participating in the Anomaly Hunt or doing something else entirely — Starmaps will dramatically boost the effectiveness of your gameplay.

Creating Starmaps

There's a few steps to the process of creating a Starmap, also a few requirements that must be met before this can be done:

  1. Acquire an Empty Map Drive
    Empty Map Drives are NFTs that are needed to create Starmaps.
  2. 100% Explore a sector
    In order to create a Starmap, you will have to have completely explored the sector that you are planning to map.
  3. Travel to the sector you are mapping
    To create a map, your spaceship must be present in the sector that you are planning to map.

In short, when you’re in a sector that's completely explored you can use the Empty Map Drive from your inventory to create a Starmap of that sector.

Every player is limited to making just one Starmap of any single sector of the game. Additionally, a new Starmap cannot be created of a sector that you have explored with a Starmap yourself.

Creating a Starmap NFT

Acquiring Empty Map Drives

Before you can start crafting and selling your Starmaps, you will need an Empty Map Drive. So (we hear you ask) how do I get my hands on these? There are currently two methods for you to get these items-

1. You can discover Empty Map Drives through regular gameplay or earn by participating in community events.

2. Additionally, Project Nebula is hosting an early-bird sale for Empty Map Drives. For more information on this event and details of how to enter the whitelist, please follow us on Twitter and join our community of space explorers in Discord!

Using Starmaps

Using Starmaps is a lot simpler than creating them — you only need to load the map data into your ships computer and you're good to go.

Find the Starmap from your inventory and click on the “use” button. Once you confirm your will to use the Starmap, the whole sector becomes explored for you, revealing all permanent AND temporary objects in that sector. You can use Starmaps from any location, there is no need to travel into the right sector.

These NFTs are spent after use, so every Starmap can only be used by one player once.

Both Empty Map Drives and Starmaps are IRC-31 Multi-Tokens and tradable on the in-game marketplace — every move made in the New Galaxy, from the feisty Roc to the powerful Behemoth, will be valuable. This expansion is our next step into the world of Play-to-Earn, as every adventurer maps their way between the stars!

Starmapping will be released on 14.03.22.
Whitelist application for the Empty Map Drive Sale will be open until 17.03.22 (through our Discord). The Empty Map Drive Sale will run after the whitelist closes. Details to follow.



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