Announcing Solidity Update

ONYX Alpha will support Solidity

We are happy to announce that we will be using Solidity as our pilot language on the ONYX Alpha! We are quickly making the changes to our Validator systems and will be releasing an update in the coming weeks.

Why Solidity?

Solidity is a language that is very conducive to test driven development. Implementations of simple logic can be tricky for newcomers but testing for behavior is rather easy. Also, considering the isolated nature of running solidity vs. any full scale desktop language, we think it is a simple yet effective proof of concept for our network.

We also believe that this choice is the best for both the team and the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole. This should help build the community by making smart contracts more accessible for people wanting to build dapps and also give a lucrative outlet to Solidity engineers.

By making it more profitable to learn Solidity, we hope to attract more engineers that are curious about the technology. In the coming weeks, we also look to create a version of our product that will be a tool for teaching and hosting Solidity coding workshops. We are looking to host one ourselves using ONYX so stay tuned!


The new version of the Validator will be able to run tests for Solidity projects using the popular Truffle framework. This is currently the most popular framework for dapp development and we think it is a good starting point for supporting as many projects as possible. More frameworks can be added after we get feedback from the community and seeing where the demand is.

We will also be releasing tools that will help in boxing/unboxing the projects to be used on ONYX in a secure and foolproof way!

Learn More

We will be releasing more information whenever it is available so stay tuned for updates.

Join us on Slack, Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, or below in the comments if you have any questions!

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