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ObEN Partners with China’s Leading Hospital Group to Bring PAI on the Blockchain to Healthcare

ObEN cofounder and COO Adam Zheng with the CEO of China Merchants Lippo Hospital Management

Leading AI company ObEN recently announced it will be working with China Merchants Lippo Hospital Management Ltd to help the latter adopt the PAI Blockchain, applying its decentralized Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) technology toward healthcare and health insurance centric applications. As part of this partnership, China Merchants will also utilize PAIcoin for its projects on the PAI blockchain. Through this partnership, the two companies aim to bring AI powered digital medical avatars to hundreds of hospitals throughout China and Southeast Asia.

China Merchants Lippo Hospital Management is a leading hospital group throughout Asia

China Merchants Lippo Hospital Management (Shenzhen) Ltd is the joint venture of China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co., Ltd and Lippo Group, one of Indonesia’s largest real estate developers with presence throughout Asia and North America. China Merchants operates a family of medical/medical imaging centers servicing countries in the Belt and Road region, which encompasses many Eurasian nations. Known for cultivating high quality medical properties, China Merchants is consistently active in investing, reforming, and upgrading its boutique hospitals. Eager to adopt the latest advancements to improve its medical properties, China Merchants sees AI and blockchain as the next logical step toward more secure, advanced, and personalized medical services.

China Merchants Lippo Hospital Management (Shenzhen) Ltd is a flagship holding of the broader development operations of China Merchants Group, one of four Chinese-government owned enterprises operating in Hong Kong. The conglomerate is hailed as China’s leading city and campus complex development and operations service provider. It is focused on three main business categories - campus development, community development, and cruise and leisure development.

Lippo Group is one of Asia’s largest conglomerates, operating hundreds of healthcare enterprises

Lippo Group was co-founded by Wenzheng Li and Shaoliang Fu in the late 80s. Hundreds of large hospitals and insurance enterprises exist under the Lippo Group banner, as part of one of Asia’s largest financial holding groups. The Lippo Group includes over 20 listed companies in countries including Indonesia, Singapore, United States, Australia, and China with assets totaling over 20 billion USD. It invests in diverse fields including enterprise banking, insurance, real estate, supermarkets, manufacturing, information technology, infrastructure, media, medical and entertainment. The Lippo Group operates 266 retails stores, 85 department stores, and 55 supermarkets including world-famous shopping destinations like Robinsons Mall in Singapore, Marks & Spencer Department Stores in Singapore and Malaysia, and the Matahari department store chain in Indonesia.

The partnership with ObEN will aid China Merchants Lippo Hospital Management Ltd in continuing its mission of operating the most cutting edge and sophisticated medical centers. Adopting the PAI blockchain and the use of AI on the blockchain will allow China Merchants to provide more personalized and convenient services to its patients and visitors in Asia and beyond.



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