PAI Updates 3/8 Edition

Project PAI
Mar 8, 2018 · 5 min read

Hello Project PAI Community! Here are the latest updates.

Project Development Updates

Project PAI has released the development roadmap for this year (you can find more information about the roadmap as well as other Project PAI related information on the FAQ page). Project PAI will be delivering regular updates on the tech development in upcoming PAI Updates. You can also read about the overall Project PAI vision in the motivational and technical whitepapers.

In addition, the PAI community has been very interested in how you will be able to receive, transfer, and use PAIcoin once it becomes available. Project PAI is happy to announce that the wallet for PAIcoin, called PAI Up, will soon be released. PAI Up is the most secure way to transact PAIcoin, and will be available on iOS and Android worldwide at launch. Learn more at

Team/Partnership Updates

Project PAI is pleased to welcome two community hosts: Vicky Zheng and Jasmine Cho! Due to the popular response to the livestreams and live broadcasts, Project PAI will aim to bring more of these types of livestreams to the community!

Vicky is a former Miss China and a graduate of Johnson & Wales University. Vicky has a strong interest in the blockchain community — many of you may have already seen her wonderful live broadcasts on Project PAI’s YiZhiBo channel. Vicky will be serving as the host for Chinese channels. Please give Vicky a warm welcome via the English & Chinese Telegram — you can find her at @kiwidovey

Jasmine is the host for the Korean channels. Jasmine served as the reigning 2016 Miss Korea and studied at the USC Marshall School of Business. She will be sharing stories, updates, and chats through our Korean channels. You can say hello to Jasmine on the Korean Telegram @jazzycho

On the partnership front, many of you will have met ObEN CEO Nikhil Jain at some of Project PAI’s recent events. ObEN is an early adopter of the Project PAI blockchain protocol and they share in Project PAI’s vision to allow everyone in the world to create, use, and manage their own Personal AI.

Upcoming Events

Where in the world is PAI?

Here’s where Project PAI is going next! Click on the links in each event to RSVP.

3/9 Women in Blockchain (Los Angeles) — ObEN VP of Marketing and Partnerships will discuss working on the Project PAI blockchain and how more women can participate in the global blockchain phenomenon.

3/15 Project PAI @ Hashed Lounge (Seoul) — Project PAI will be one of the projects featured at Hashed’s meetup event.

3/17 BlockInvest Conference (Boston) — Project PAI will be showcasing how PAI can be used for Digital Identity

Community Updates

Asia Preview Events

Project PAI is gearing up for some big launches this quarter. At recent preview events in Osaka, Japan and Seoul, South Korea over 3,000 community members, collaborators, and supporters got a preview of some great new developments on the PAI blockchain. If you missed the event or couldn’t go, you can watch the livestream here. Look out for more info on Project PAI’s social channels and through the next few newsletters!

Community Updates

  1. Project PAI featured at Pasadena AI, Blockchain & Crypto Meetup 3/1

ObEN COO and co-founder Adam Zheng discusses Project PAI at an event featuring a keynote from renowned blockchain expert Tim Swanson (founder of Post Oaks Lab).

2. Project PAI at AI List 2/24

Project PAI was one of the headlining projects discussed at this year’s California Future Technology Investment Summit hosted by AI List Capital.

3. Project PAI Preview Event Osaka (2/24) & Seoul (2/26)

Community members got an exclusive preview of some exciting new tech from ObEN — Project PAI’s early adopter — coming soon to the PAI blockchain!

4. Project PAI featured at Pasadena Machine Learning Meetup 2/22

ObEN Engineer Luciana offers a look at bringing machine learning and AI to the Project PAI blockchain from a research perspective. Luciana has an MS in Electrical Engineering from Caltech University and helps the research team develop its machine learning technology for both Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision (CV).

5. Educating Future Blockchain Leaders at USC 2/13

ObEN VP of Marketing and Partnerships Sho Guo shared ObEN’s work on the Project PAI blockchain to students at USC’s Trojan Blockchain Society

6. Project PAI Roadshow Tour Hong Kong (2/1) India (2/2–2/3) & Tokyo (2/4)

Project PAI kicked off February with a series of meetups with the global community, introducing people from all over the world to Project PAI’s vision for a humanized information economy on the blockchain. Watch a livestream for the Hong Kong event here.

On the Project PAI Blog

Conversations in Davos — Blockchain on the Global Stage

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Project PAI

Enabling everyone to create, own, and manage their own Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) on the PAI blockchain protocol. #PAIforALL Telegram:

Project PAI

Written by

Project PAI’s mission is to create, organize and enable a Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) for every person in the world. Learn more at

Project PAI

Enabling everyone to create, own, and manage their own Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) on the PAI blockchain protocol. #PAIforALL Telegram:

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