PAI Updates 5/16 — Meet Satoshi on PAI News!

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May 16 · 2 min read

Hello Project PAI Community. Here are the latest Updates!

Welcome to PAI News

We’ve hinted at some big reveals at Consensus 2019, and we are here to deliver!

On Tuesday 5/14, Project PAI adopter ObEN unveiled PAI News at Consensus 2019, a new platform connecting users with global headlines and unique content, powered by ObEN’s AI technology.

Meet Satoshi — The World’s First AI News Anchor

Satoshi is created using ObEN’s Personal AI (PAI) technology, with all voice and facial animation driven by AI. His IP is secured on the PAI blockchain, and you can track the initial data transaction on the PAI Blockchain here. Download the app at

Watch Satoshi’s Inaugural Address

Explore the App

PAI News is an entirely new way to create and enjoy news, stories, and updates. It’s what you love, what you create, transformed with PAI.

Congrats to the ObEN team and excited to see this new expansion for the Project PAI ecosystem.

You can download the app on Apple App Store here and on Google Play here.

See you in the next issue of PAI Updates!

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