PAI Updates 6/27 — Tackling the Digital Identity Challenge

Project PAI
Jun 27, 2019 · 3 min read

Hello Project PAI Community. Here are the latest Updates!

The Cryptonomist Now on PAI News

Last week, we introduced a new sharing feature in the PAI News app, which lets you easily share your favorite PAI News content on various messaging and social platforms. Now there is even more content to share!

Blockchain outlet Cryptonomist recently became the newest content partner on the ObEN app, and we are very excited to see more members of the blockchain community adopting the use of PAI in their own businesses. The Cryptonomist aims to be a leading online resource for blockchain and crypto news, and boasts a team of reporters and contributors from all over Europe. The site operates in both Italian and English, and is working with PAI News to explore content delivery via Personal AI avatars.

Make sure you check out all the latest news on the app, and look forward to news from the Cryptonomist starting this week!

A Case of Identity

One of the key tenets of the Project PAI blockchain is the idea that we should all be able to create, control, and manage our own digital identity. Since the beginning, we’ve outlined this philosophy in the Project PAI whitepaper. Much of the developments on the PAI blockchain have been pursued with this goal in mind — including the dual blockchain torrent structure that allows users to send and store data that is recorded on the blockchain. For PAI News, team ObEN even used the PAI blockchain to store the IP of their digital Satoshi news anchor.

The concept of using the blockchain to create and record your digital identity is rapidly catching fire. Even Facebook’s new Libra project includes nods to digital identity management — which means that it too can potentially be used with the PAI blockchain and vice versa. Project PAI has been exploring more ways to harness the power of the blockchain, personal data, and digital identity, so stay tuned this summer for more exciting updates as we explore the boundaries of AI, data management, and our shared digital future.

See you in the next issue of PAI Updates!

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Project PAI

Enabling everyone to create, own, and manage their own Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) on the PAI blockchain protocol. #PAIforALL Telegram:

Project PAI

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Project PAI’s mission is to create, organize and enable a Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) for every person in the world. Learn more at

Project PAI

Enabling everyone to create, own, and manage their own Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) on the PAI blockchain protocol. #PAIforALL Telegram:

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