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3 min readJul 2, 2018


Project PAI is very excited to announce the official launch of the PAI Mainnet — Project PAI’s independent blockchain platform that allows users worldwide to create, own, and manage their digital identity and the associated data! The Mainnet provides the network structure that will allow anyone to create, authenticate, and secure their Personal AI, or PAI. Created using proprietary technology from Project PAI early adopter ObEN, PAIs not only look and sound like each individual user, but can eventually learn to behave like the user as well.

In addition to being a big step toward fulfilling Project PAI’s overall vision, with the launch of the Mainnet, actual PAI Coin transactions can now occur! You can even download PAI Up, a digital wallet for PAI Coin created by third-party developer Lanier AI.

Project PAI’s vision is to enable everyone in the world to create their own Personal AI (PAI), an intelligent digital avatar that looks, sounds, and behaves like them. The core technology for these intelligent avatars is powered by ObEN, a leading artificial intelligence company based in Los Angeles, CA. As an early adopter of Project PAI, ObEN uses blockchain to secure and authenticate the PAIs created by the users of its applications.

Integral to this vision is returning control of personal data back to the user. As participants on a decentralized system, control of all personal data gathered on the PAI blockchain belongs to the user, as opposed to a singular entity or corporation in a centralized system. The PAI Blockchain is ultimately designed to allow users to control their own data assets and to be compensated for contributing their PAI data to improve the platform’s AI algorithms or help app developers improve their products. Simultaneously, companies and developers can create their own apps and parallel coins alongside the PAI Blockchain to facilitate interaction and transactions.

An innovative blockchain + torrent network structure for data sharing

What differentiates PAI Mainnet is its ability to attach a data pointer to each PAI Coin transaction. A reference link to a particular piece of data on a parallel torrent-based data storage network can be included with each PAI Coin transaction, allowing for secure, anonymous and direct transaction of data between parties. Since the data is stored on a torrent-based network, it won’t vanish even if an app developer is no longer operating, ensuring users always have access to their data. Apps on the PAI Blockchain use this method to facilitate secure data exchange to and from users. This includes ObEN’s PAIYO, the first app on the PAI blockchain.

Using the PAI Mainnet Explorer, users can view contents of the blockchain, check PAI Coin transactions, monitor network hashrate and difficulty, and check total coin supply.

Please join Project PAI in celebrating the launch of the Mainnet. Check out the PAI Blockchain Explorer, then head on over to to share what you think about all the applications and implications of this new structure for data sharing, ownership, and use!

See you in the next issue of PAI Updates!

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Project PAI
Project PAI

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