PAI Updates — 7/25 Avoiding Data Privacy Traps

Project PAI
Jul 25 · 2 min read

Hello Project PAI Community. Here are the latest Updates!

The Face of Privacy

Last week, FaceApp made headlines for becoming an internet phenomenon, allowing users to digitally age themselves by decades using the app’s photo filters. But just as quickly as it rose to the top of the app charts, FaceApp found itself in the center of controversy, as reports revealed that the app was secretly helping itself to the data on your phone.

Issues of data privacy have become an increasingly large concern. In many cases, your free apps and programs aren’t actually free — the price is your data, which companies sell or use for profit. But when you can’t control who has access to your data, are you ever really in control?

That is why blockchain solutions like Project PAI are so critical to your digital future. When you use a selfie or a voice recording to create your avatar, you shouldn’t have to give anyone the right to copy, sell, or misuse your biometric data. And you should definitely be able to find out if they send that data to someone else. Which is why the blockchain’s immutable, append-only system is crucial to our digital future. When you use apps on the PAI blockchain, you can record to whom you send data via a PAI Coin transaction, and you can track the provenance of that data so that it doesn’t end up in the hands of an unauthorized party. So go ahead, use a PAI Blockchain app without worry. Your data is secure here.

What’s in the Headlines

PAI News continues to grow, providing daily news updates on a variety of topics. If you still haven’t done so, download the PAI News app for iOS and Android on

The app delivers the most recent news to users all over the world, presented on demand by a fully automated AI news anchor. The app features a variety of top stories in tech, blockchain, crypto, politics, entertainment, and more. Here are some of our favorite recent stories — but there are plenty more on the app, so make sure you give it a download.

Boris Johnson Wins Race to Be Tory Leader and UK Prime Minister:

Astronomers Believe The Young Milky Way Once Swallowed A Dwarf Galaxy:

Facebook Full of Fraudulent Ads About Libra Cryptocurrency:

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Enabling everyone to create, own, and manage their own Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) on the PAI blockchain protocol. #PAIforALL Telegram:

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    Project PAI

    Enabling everyone to create, own, and manage their own Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) on the PAI blockchain protocol. #PAIforALL Telegram:

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