PAI Updates 8/1 — A PAI for the Record Books

Project PAI
Aug 1, 2019 · 2 min read

Hello Project PAI Community. Here are the latest Updates!

Technology Updates

Proof of Useful Work (PoUW)

  • Worked on fill-in tasks generation using useful work
  • Worked on process to generate Machine Learning (ML) models for fill-in tasks
  • Finished a mini proof of concept for generating random ML tasks using a client definition file
  • Worked on method for matching task preferences and tickets
  • Created a ticket selection mechanism for ML tasks based on verifiable random functions (VRFs) and similarity measures for preferences
  • Working on patenting the PoUW mechanism

Proof of Work/Proof of Stake (PoW/PoS) Hybrid Mining

  • Worked on updating core support for the Hybrid consensus
  • Working toward a trial of a runnable version of the hybrid mining mechanism

PAI Coin Mining & Staking Pool

  • Added feature to update previous installations of PAI Miner
  • Updated PAI Miner translations and localization support
  • Updated deposit processing

The Oldest Person Made into a PAI

We are happy to learn that early-adopter ObEN has created a new record for PAI technology. This month, they created the PAI of ObEN CEO Nikhil Jain’s 107-year old grandmother-in-law. This means she is now the oldest person in the world to have her own Personal AI.

One of the many uses of PAI is to create and save a representation of any person, and anyone who creates a PAI has full control over what happens to that PAI in the future. One day, it may be possible for users to leave their PAIs’ data behind in the form of an interactive version of themselves, allowing future generations of family and friends to continue to interact with them. Estates of deceased celebrities can also benefit by creating their PAI equivalents for new generations of fans to enjoy.

In the Headlines

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Project PAI

Enabling everyone to create, own, and manage their own Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) on the PAI blockchain protocol. #PAIforALL Telegram:

    Project PAI

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    Project PAI’s mission is to create, organize and enable a Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) for every person in the world. Learn more at

    Project PAI

    Enabling everyone to create, own, and manage their own Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI) on the PAI blockchain protocol. #PAIforALL Telegram:

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