PAI Updates — 8/22 Edition

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Aug 22, 2019 · 2 min read

Hello Project PAI Community. Here are the latest Updates!

In the Right Hands

Take a look at your own credit card. Your name is right there for any and all businesses to see and verify, isn’t it? Your bank ensures that you are only charged for transactions you authorized, serving as gatekeepers to your credit. The cost is a record of every transaction you ever make — a cost of privacy for convenience. Yet even with this cost, often we have seen digital transactions manipulated — by bad actors, malicious groups, and sometimes even by banks and financial institutions themselves.

This is exactly why so many people are adopting blockchain, creating decentralized networks where cryptocurrencies serve as the transaction medium of choice. Yet finance is not the only thing we barter in this digital age. In fact — our data is as good as gold.

Project PAI takes blockchain transactions one step further by safely securing not only your cryptocurrency on its proprietary blockchain but also your data, tied to a Personal Artificial Intelligence avatar, or PAI. What this means is that we can create an ecosystem where your data is heavily guarded by a dual blockchain torrent structure that protects your data and allows you to access it for sending, sharing, and transacting.

So if you can have the best of both convenience and security — would you opt to return to a traditional transaction systems that forces you to choose one or the other?

In the Headlines

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