Quick Thoughts on Google’s New Logo

Google finally revealed a new logo, and it’s pretty great, of course! With a smoother, sans serif typeface, it’s looking very modern and refreshing.

Source: Google

I don’t know about other people, but I’ve always thought that Google’s magic has been working for me every time. It works, because it tells me what I need to know, what I want to find, and what I want to explore; basically it tells me everything I need to know on the Internet. It follows me from the moment I wake up to the time I go back into the bed. It has become so much more than a white webpage with a text-box for searching. We interact with a dozen of Google’s products every day, in countless ways of countless purposes. More than ever, Google is ever-present in our lives.

Animation for Google’s new logo; Source: Google

Google has rolled out a shiny new logo, alongside a new brand identity for the freshly formed its parent company Alphabet. The new logo is a simpler and more grown up mark that really works well on all platforms. It’s designed to be fully-scalable so that it looks just great in all the new digital contexts.

Basically the logo is having three major elements:

1. Logotype, 2. Dots, and 3. Letter G (compact version of the logo)

Every element is a pure combination of geometric forms with childlike simplicity. It is set in a custom, sans-serif typeface and maintains the the multi-colored playfulness. The new colors in the logo is a result of darkening and dimming of the original color values. These colors are very well adjusted and pushed to the next level.

It’s a self-described “simple, friendly, and approachable” design.

And yes, designers (and others too!) have been busily reacting to the new logo. Certainly not only the designers to have an opinion, of course. Search for ‘Google logo’ on Twitter and you’ll see an avalanche of tweets accumulating faster than you can read them. Some accepted it the way it is, while some are criticizing the new design.

This is the Internet, after all — most of the reactions have been nice and positive. But then again — this is the internet, after all — it’s also attracted quite a bit of negativity, ranging from the usual rolled-eyes ‘Is that it?’ to full-on fury.

For the haters,

“NO ONE has ever designed a digital identity at such a big scale. No one knows better than you. Keep on rocking!”

From the article “Dear Google Designers” by Tobias van Schneider

My Version of Google’s New Logo

Fonts used: Roboto (Bold) with some custom changes.

And also, visit Google’s Redesign Concept on Behance.

Final Thoughts

It wouldn’t be surprising. After all, Google’s new logo is all about where the world is going; mobile, simple, and accessible everywhere.