Hopping into the Hilux, Breaking into Two

Don Cuervo leaves the Act 1 World behind

Jim Latham
Oct 11 · 4 min read
A neon sculpture in the form of a truck with people dancing in the back. Project Raven Novel by Jim Latham
Don Cuervo’s truck doesn’t look quite like this in Raven and the Mango Roadtrip by Jim Latham. Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

Raven’s been kidnapped by persons unknown. The hero, her dad, Don Cuervo, gave chase, to no avail. Not knowing what to do, he plays fetch.

Home wasn’t any better. In fact, aside from Wesson being happy to see me, it was worse. The embassy was worthless, and I hadn’t heard from Pedro, and I didn’t…