Introducing Project Rehoming

The following is an account of the the horrific conditions in which 24 cats were left to die before some animal welfare volunteers nursed 19 back to health. Those cats have been vaccinated and cured of any ailments they had. They are friendly and loving despite what they’ve been through. And they now need homes. I’m sharing their stories below.

In January this year a team of animal welfare volunteers carried out a rescue at an abandoned shelter for cats. We say ‘shelter’ but the place was a hell hole — a filthy, fly infested shed on a hillside village in rural Thane district near Mumbai. The cats were locked in and the man who had started the place hadn’t visited it for more than two months. Our first sight on entering was a dead cat — so thin that its belly was stuck together. A vet who had accompanied the team said it had probably died from starvation related complications. There were 24 cats in there and no sign of food or water. The cats were walking skeletons; some with maggot infested wounds and with pathos and desperation written all over them.

A cat who died of starvation before animal welfare volunteers got to the location

But, in the characteristic way of animals they held themselves with a certain dignity and this rallied the rescue team. A plan was devised and over a period of weeks the cats were treated. Sadly, some died because they were too far gone to respond to treatment. The 19 survivors were soon shifted to a safe place where they recovered completely.

These are very special animals. Despite what they have been through they are sweet natured, trusting and playful. They deserve homes that are secure, loving and understanding.


If you think any of these adorable cats could be the cat of your dreams, call +91–98205–00009

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