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Friends from College missed the mark

If you watch most of your shows on Netflix, you probably saw it promoting “Friends from College” when it first came out. The cast looked great, so I clicked the more info button and watched the trailer.

It was clear that the show was promoting itself as a comedy however that didn’t translate well in the trailer which sucks as usually, the trailer has the best bits from the show.

A few days passed, and despite my better judgment, I took a leap of faith and watched the show.

Unfortunately, my gut feeling was right. The comedy didn’t land, and they did this weird thing where they knew the joke wasn’t funny enough, but instead of scratching it from the show, they wrote it down anyway and made it seem like an awkward joke the character told. It was awkward for the characters in the show, and it was uncomfortable as a viewer.

The show tried to tackle “real life problems” however it focused on a group of people who don’t have anything in common other than college itself, and we don’t even see their actual college experience together. I am well aware that it’s the premise of the show however it doesn’t engage the audience as it should. “Desperate Housewives” had a similar premise as a lot of issues happened between the girls throughout the series, but at the end, nothing could separate them from each other because they were truly friends. That made the show more interesting and real, and it made the viewer feel like part of the group. The way “Friends from College” executed it, the viewer knew that nothing was holding the team, together, therefore anything that happened to them as friends or as separate characters, the viewer didn’t care. Speaking of not caring about the characters; the show didn’t seem the care either as it only followed a handful of the actual cast. Maybe that will change in season 2.

Sadly, the chemistry wasn’t there between the actors, and it’s a shame to say as all the actors in the show are brilliant at their craft.

Will I go back to watch season 2?

As it stands, probably not. The show got slightly better as the episodes progressed, but it didn’t leave me wanting more. However, it did end by one of the friends finally making the right decision and leaving her relationship.

Any Speculations?

Since I don’t really care for the show, not many come to mind. However, the set up seems to be that Lisa and Nick will casually have sex which will then turn into something real. Ethan and Sam will try a relationship, but they find out that they are not compatible.

Let me know what you think. Obviously, this is just one person’s opinion, so it means nothing.



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