Fake News!

Fake News! Google shit first

I remember around January or February there was this picture that kept cycling around on facebook of frozen Venice. I kept running into people who would do nothing but talk about how beautiful the city canals looked frozen. I don’t know the whole thing seemed fishy and unbelievable to me, because

Venice freezing ?

a) I’m skeptical person in general

b) I found the idea of a freezing Venice a little bit over the top, not because of the impossibilty of the sea freezing, I’ve seen the baltic frozen but you know Venice? That’s in the mediterranean and it’s going to choose the age of climate change and global warming to freeze for the first time in history ? As if ..

So I did what any sane person would do when they read something on facebook, I typed venice freezing with a question mark and googled it.

So my instincts were correct and it was a hoax. Actually it was a an artwork that was used way out of context and was cycled around as if it’s the ultimate truth.

Even though there was a post explaining the photos montage it didn’t go viral as the fake post, but why ?

Both posts discuss Venice and Ice, it’s still the same topic, surprisingly it didn’t attract the same attention ? Surprised ? Um not really.

Well like lots of things that go viral, the fake one ignited emotions, surprise, freezing mediterranean, are you kidding me, you should probably mention that in the next dinner you’re invited to to sound cool.

It’s okay sometimes we share things to sound slightly more informed but it’s also to be helpful, like when you mention to your friend that new electric brush and how amazing it is because it’s going to save her time and all. It’s pretty much the same, you mean good, you want to help ( or like me here who just remembered this story and decided to share it).

This is just the tip of the iceberg, think of all the stupid stuff you run into your newsfeed, don’t eat a banana after an egg because you’ll get a stroke and die. Share this if you’re against facebook going public and sharing your information etc etc.

Most of these things just need a little common sense, and if you can’t decide you can always google it before swarming everyone with more fake news. Just check before you decide to believe anything, you owe it to yourself and everyone else you’re going to share these stories and information with.

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