Marketing & Why I bought terrible coffee

I love donuts, so awhile back I went online and found this donuts/coffee place that was far away, but you know I’d do anything for donuts. When I got there I bought a box of donuts and a cup of coffee, cuz I’m a dunk your donuts in coffee person and the coffee was terrible. The logical thing to do is never go back there. Easy decision right?

Yeah, well something else happened, I got this card where I get a stamp for every cup of coffee I get from the very same terrible donuts/coffee place. In total I needed 8 stamps to get a free cup of coffee. And I already got my first stamp so what were the other 7 stamps for me ? A challenge, of course I hated the coffee but I kept going back even though it was really out of my daily route to university but I wanted my free prize, a terrible cup of coffee, it felt logical, everything else seemed quite trivial.

The cafe gamfied coffee buying for me and I’m a very determined person, I saw it as a challenge, having my card stamped, it wasn’t about coffee anymore.

I had fun buying terrible coffee and I dare argue lots of people did the very same thing, and of course the cafe made lots of money selling crappy coffee.

Windy’s did the same thing, almost anyway when that guy asked how many retweets he needed to get free chicken nuggets for one year and people started retweeting to help him win. It was brilliant, Windy’s challenged the public and they wanted to help out so he can eat chicken nuggets. Windy’s got lots of buzz from this incident, the guy got free nuggets, everybody won.

The process of buying coffee or retweets for a certain gain made the whole marketing effective, it’s a game, games are fun, they’re contagious.

Speaking of challenges, this morning’s Tatweer Research challenge for @ayanoorkenzi on twitter to get 1000 retweets once she submits two cartoonish drawings that should land her a contract with the company for future work. It’s fun and challenging not just for Ayanoor but for rest of us who’d be watching in anticipation. So just try to pay attention to her account and retweet whenever she submits her drawings!

Understanding the basic concepts of marketing is a very important tool, even if you’re not majored it marketing, at some point in your career you’re going to have to sell something to someone. Also it’s fun to read, to understand how you’re being manipulated by all of these ads out there but still it doesn’t take the fun out of the process, it’s just better to be more aware of what’s going on.

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