Media coverage for Libyan women athletes where art thou?

photo from @paralympicly

A big percentage of Libyans have strange self-esteem issues embedded probably in the fact we have been bred in a “follower” like environment for almost half a century.

It resulted in the weird misconception and admiration for foreigners/Libyans who lived abroad and people who speak english. This has even made many people look down or ignore the achievements made by fellow Libyans living or coming from the same environment they came from.

عقدة الخواجة بكل بساطة

The lack of coverage accorded to these Libyan Paralympic participants as opposed to the media coverage that was given to the other “Libyan” swimmer that lived abroad and crowdfunded her participation is a prefect example of that.

عز نفسك تجدها و من هانت عليه نفسه تراها على الناس أهون
Unless we stop undermining, criticising and ignoring our own achievements and people, we won’t get anywhere

Mainstream media won’t cover the Libyan Paralympic participants but grassroots media like Fezzan Libya MG have taken the initiative and have started covering the Paralympic athletes. You can read the article here.

Written by Emad Badi @iron_badi: Libyan born, French educated. Student at Essex University (BBA) and TU (French Language). Full-timeDale Carnegie Sales Manager and Trainer. Can be found pursuing his power-lifting career when not working, writing or wearing the activist hat.

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