Announcing the Wyvern Exchange: Any Ethereum asset, any ERC20 token, zero trust required

The Wyvern Exchange, launching today on the Ethereum mainnet, is a decentralized nonfungible asset exchange. Using the Exchange, you can buy or sell any Ethereum asset — from CryptoKitties to ENS names to smart contracts — for any ERC20 token, without entrusting your assets or tokens to your counterparty or the Exchange itself.

Huh — what?

This is a new kind of DEX, so some parallels may be helpful. You might have heard of decentralized ERC20 token exchanges or protocols, such as Etherdelta, 0x, or Airswap. Those exchanges and protocols match the intent of a buyer and a seller to trade particular amounts of particular tokens. Say you have 1 token A and want 2 token B, and I have 2 token B and want 1 token A — the token exchange protocol helps us find each other and allows us to settle the swap atomically on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Wyvern Exchange implements this kind of settlement system for nonfungible Ethereum assets instead of ERC20 tokens. Exchange users specify their intent to buy or sell particular on-chain assets: perhaps you want to flip a recently acquired CryptoKitty for Ether (wrapped Ether), or perhaps I want to buy a particular parcel of Decentraland and pay with MANA. Using the Exchange, we each can broadcast our intents to make these particular trades, find counterparties to match our orders, and settle the asset / token transfer atomically on the Ethereum blockchain.


Existing solutions for asset trading are dependent on rent-seeking, fallible gatekeepers, unnecessarily split along market verticals due to interface constraints, and intrinsically ill-suited to automation. We think smart contracts provide the fundamental tool — trustless code execution — necessary to address these issues. Decentralized asset exchange protocols can abstract over the particulars of any one asset class and instead match intent across the space of state transitions, which is exactly what the Wyvern Protocol (whitepaper, source code) does. This means that you could sell ownership of your house, buy ownership of a gold bar, or sell three ENS names as a bundle — all just Ethereum transactions — using the same set of settlement smart contracts.

Get Started

The Exchange is live and completely functional — no need to wait!

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Questions about the protocol? Unsure how to use the Exchange? Interested in listing your asset? Get in touch on Twitter or join our Discord and fire away.

Happy trading!

— The Project Wyvern Team