Clover Monthly | March 2021

Clover Finance
Mar 30 · 2 min read


1. Completed the deployment of the 3.0 testnet and related tests, finished the latest Chain SPEC and related parameters

2. Complete the integration of Substrate 3.0: Authority Discovery, TIPS, etc.

3. EVM related module split and update from the latest code, repair EVM transaction information sync problems

4. Completed the deployment of the Clover-Iris testnet, early deployment of the Clover-Ivy mainnet, updated the Rococo test chain, and test


1. EVM: support for governance contract blacklist mechanism

2. Research the Frontier branch EVM data synchronization problem, put forward a repair plan


Mobile Wallet

  • Completed Mobile Wallet development, implemented the rear end for monitoring the account balance.

Extension Wallet

  • Wallet GAS estimation mechanism; support for sending ERC20 contract token; account import function; modify the alias


  • Complete PLO product design and UI, slot auction PLO development (70%), increase lease and lock period, etc.


1. now supports the Clover network and will support the Clover Kelique Network and the mainnet.

2. Reached strategic cooperation with Etha Lend, Prosper, DODO, CHAINLINK, MANTA NETWORK, HEDGET, DEGO FINANCE, The Graph

3. Releases the Clover Validator Program, with 1400 nodes involved as the time of writing

4. Organized AMAs in South Korea and Chinese communities with Coinko & Gyro Finance, deep-diving in the advantages of Clover network

About Clover

Clover is a substrate based smart contract platform built for Polkadot, with added support for Ethereum developers to participate in the Polkadot ecosystem. This will especially help existing DeFi projects on any EVM based blockchain to seamlessly port over their smart contracts onto a Polkadot infrastructure.

A few of the main pillars of the clover smart contract platform are interoperability, cross chain integrations, and a seamless multi-chain defi user experience. The set of products that Clover is starting to release reflects this interoperable and cross chain vision as the future of Web3, from the Clover extension wallet, to Cloverscan, to the underlying 2-way peg technology between Ethereum and Polkadot, and eventually support for non-Turing complete blockchains like Bitcoin.

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