The idea behind Projectica, but first, the drive behind you

About Projectica’s purpose and mission

Becoming more effective with yourself makes you more available and effective with others – and the world needs you.

Jane Sorensen
Mar 9, 2020 · 4 min read

The road to success requires clarity, action, and confronting your blocks. Repeatedly. It means putting your work out into the world. And perhaps most importantly, effectively collaborating with other people.

So far, I’ve focused on making easy-to-use tools that help you plan and create what you want. I wrote a couple of self-help books (and some agenda templates). Oh, great, more motivational advice. I understand – I myself call that “productivity porn.” It’s an inexhaustible fountain, and my patience for it is limited.

From practice and research across my tenure here, I designed a few tools (Life’s Battle Plan, its audio version WDYWTLWYL, and Quit Putting It Off!) so you can bypass “analysis paralysis.” The tools are a scaffold on which you can hang your own process and ambitions. I made the template; use it your way.

In essence, it’s about defining your outcomes, discovering your craft (meaningful work) and your cruft (the stuff you can do away with), and giving yourself the time to get it done. To do anything worthwhile in life, you have to commit!

What comes next?

…Now that you’re better able to do what you want and turned your dreams into reality, to have a really fulfilling life, it needs to be about something bigger than you.

People who’ve learned to trust themselves and direct themselves are happier and more collaborative. They can see what needs to be done and step in and do it. (Responsibility! It’s a good thing.) They inspire others to do more. This is where self-management becomes project management.

Others need you. Your free time and skills, let alone your ideas, can make lives and communities more functional, more beautiful, and more fun for everybody. The world is a better place when everyone shares their gifts and gets a chance to collaborate to the best of their ability.

And a lot of awesome, necessary things aren’t getting done because people don’t know how — and sometimes don’t have the organizational skills and charisma — to pull people and resources together for things bigger than themselves.

In the future world of work, people are going to need more meaning and cooperation — in all communities and across all walks of life. What you would collaborate on, if it were easier?

Why this is important

Everyone who has a new idea struggles with this. And most of the time, good ideas get murdered in their infancy.

So I started Projectica to design what could become a collaboration space. I see it as a necessity because people need self-starting and open-access ways to create meaning, support each other, and address the problems they see.

A few years ago I had this idea based on my frustrations with both the deep need for volunteering and its limitations. It shifted the way I thought about the way volunteering is usually done. I came up with a design and realized it needed validation testing, and so I set about building an audience upon which I could develop a design base.

I hoped that would grow into a Software-as-a-Service tool. Any kind of planning, scheduling, designing, spreadsheet, analytics, and communications tools that you might use and even pay for — that’s what SaaS stands for. This platform would be for people to collaborate on projects for their own good (idea creation, skill building, networking and fellowship, free expression) for the wider community benefit (resources the community needs, experiences they enjoy). Collaborators would come from a wide net — whoever is interested in a topic, skill to practice, or the project itself — and use their available time and skills according to their interests.

Projects are defined as:

  • efforts that are finite (they have a beginning, middle, and end),
  • fun (even if they’re problem-solving),
  • voluntary (unpaid, except for the rewards of participating, which may include a share of the benefits or proceeds),
  • real-world (analog and physical, digital takes a back seat), and
  • not-for-profit.

Examples include environmental clean-ups, pop-up events, funding drives, amateur sports events, Maker and arts festivals, and more.

Image for post
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My mission is to create tools that help you increase your capacity to care, initiate, create, achieve, lead, and respond.

Capacity: will, ability, and organization
Initiate: begin action and get organized
Create: projects, objects, events, and services
Achieve: goals and dreams
Lead: friends, volunteers, and ad hoc groups
Respond: be attuned to the needs of people and the good of the community and the planet

If this idea intrigues you, subscribe to the quarterly newsletter. And thank you.

The Latin suffix -ica means ‘a collection of.’ a collection of my projects – to become a collection of anyone’s projects.

The dotted circles are a metaphor for an ideal society, with porous and intersecting perimeters of groups of people.
The dotted circles are a metaphor for an ideal society, with porous and intersecting perimeters of groups of people.
The dotted circles are a metaphor for an ideal society, with porous and intersecting perimeters of groups of people. Welcoming and serendipitous opportunities — the good will and chance that keep boundaries porous — help keep society open, functional, and optimistic.


About self-efficacy in personal projects so as to develop…

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