Exit Strategy

Nov 4, 2016 · 4 min read

Vancouver. Slack has an office there, but it gets cold there. Also, it’s too close to the United States and I don’t put it past the candidate who isn’t Hillary to believe he should try to take it over. Melbourne is an option. We have an office there as well and Australia has a decent climate. But, in the event of nuclear war, does Australia get destroyed too?

Many small island nations, not on anyones radar really, generally thought to be honeymoon spots, might be better options. Warm. Fast internet. Not likely to be top of mind for a madman who isn’t really up on his world geography.

I can’t stop looking at 538. It’s hard to focus on much of anything else right now. It’s getting too close for my liking. I see my friends talking about not voting at all and it scares the shit out of me. Do they not see? Do they not care?

Do I leave my family behind? Can I? I can’t. Adult passports are $110. Children’s are $80. Not cheap, but doable. Plane tickets for everyone would be hell, but my credit card has a limit that can handle it. Debt is worth making sure my family is safe.

One of my high school classmates kept posting on Facebook about how “corrupt” and “crooked” Hillary is, seeming completely oblivious to the sort of world Hillary’s opponent exists in and wants to create for everyone else. I want to tell him how I feel, but I know he won’t be able to hear me, which is dismaying. He was my high school class president. I unfriended him instead.

Where is the least racist place we can go? Is there a place where the racism is just of the stereotyping variety and not the subtle, insidious “keep black people down by any means necessary” variety? That would probably be better than the “shoot you just because” variety we have in America.

Voter suppression is rampant. Jim Crow is being pulled out of his shallow grave and given new life. People in several states are calmly, cooly, doing everything they can to make sure Black people can’t vote. Republican campaign supporters are buying ads online targeted at voters of color, encouraging them not to vote, telling them to stay home, lying and saying that they can vote by text. Doing any and everything to keep Black and Hispanic people from voting. That alone raises my anxiety. That it’s working and many people don’t seem to think it’s a big deal terrifies me.

Probably want to find some place where English is already spoken. Not a deal breaker, but it would make the transition easier on the kids.

I completely forgot about an offsite that was happening at work and failed to tell my team I was going to be out of the office. That’s happening a lot lately. My brain is completely consumed by my own post election calculus.

Wait. What if my family doesn’t want to leave?

Some Bernie supporters are doing everything they can to stop Hillary from winning. Calling Hillary racist. Do they not know about the Central Park Five, the history of not letting Black people live in properties, the numerous “he doesn’t really like Black people” stories? Or do they not care? Can they not see past their own hurt feelings about the primaries and think about what their fervor and hatred, which closely resembles the fervor and hatred displayed by the Republican candidates supporters, will result in? Who will they vote for on November 8? I’m honestly not sure.

Do I stay or do I go? I don’t want to leave my family, but I also don’t want to live in a world where racism is even more normalized and accepted.

What can I do? Should I buy more Twitter ads? More Facebook posts about how important it is for people to go vote, hoping that it reaches one of my family members in Florida? How can I make sure the swing states swing in the right direction? Do I go celebrate my nieces birthday or do I drive to Reno and try to make sure Washoe county goes for Hillary?

Will I see another of my nieces birthdays, or is this my last chance for the next 4–8 years…or more?

These are my thoughts as of late. How the hell do I get out of here in the event Hillary doesn’t win the election?

Staying is not a desirable option. Staying leaves me in a country run by a person who can start a war and would probably start one because someone slighted him. Staying leaves me in a country full of people who will have taken the election of that person other than Hillary as their mandate to be open about their hate and act on their hate. They’ve already started warming up and will certainly get worse. Staying leaves me in a country where the idea of another Civil War isn’t completely absurd. Staying leaves me in a country that has had it’s election process thoroughly corrupted by a foreign power. Staying leaves me in a country where a man who has no respect for anyone who isn’t a white man, will be appointing Supreme Court justices who will make judgements that affect my family for generations to come. Staying will leave me in a country that is more susceptible to attacks, because the Republican candidate has already made his distaste for our alliances known, and so we won’t have them anymore, leaving us vulnerable. Staying will leave me in a heightened state of anxiety, every day. Worried about whether the next attack will be on me, by my country, or on my country, by another nation.

None of this is ok. I need a good exit strategy, I’m just not sure a good exit exists.

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Give everyone a fair chance to succeed in tech.