For this #GivingTuesday we’re hoping for something more than a donation

Please share our diversity and inclusion resources for those who need it

Ellen K. Pao
Nov 27, 2018 · 3 min read

Project include’s mission is simple: Give everyone a fair chance to succeed in tech. Meaningful and lasting change starts at the top, so we focus on startup CEOs. But we are different than most D&I organizations. We are a non-profit with a proven approach to D&I focused on changing companies. We work hard to provide information that is helpful to the ecosystem. (Check out our recommendations and whom we’ve helped at We also work directly with CEOs who are committed to incorporating D&I into their company cultures.

We believe we have helped at least 200 CEOs gain a foundational sense of a proper D&I approach, and we have worked directly with more than 20 CEOs, whose companies’ D&I have significantly improved, retaining and increasing the # of 2,500 employees of underrepresented groups in tech. We have championed the need for CEO and Board accountability, argued for the eradication of “rock-stars,” braved controversy by being among the first to call out social platforms (Twitter and Facebook) for choosing growth over values like safety and privacy, and lastly, been threatened for advocating the very basic belief that everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed in tech.

Our organization is extremely lean (we have only 1 full-time employee) and focused — we work only with CEOs who are truly committed to D&I and don’t compromise our approach. And with this lean organization, we still provide free of charge content for all CEOs and are a champion for D&I leadership in tech. We would love to help the industry even more but are currently limited by our budget.

For this #GivingTuesday, we would of course appreciate financial support, no matter how small, to help us continue our mission by sharing our message and resources. Every little bit counts. However, I am calling on all of you to share this post this #givingtuesday:

  • If you have gone to our website or find our content useful
  • If you believe in the need for an independent, data minded, inclusive approach to D&I
  • If you believe that the tech industry needs pressure to be accountable for change
  • If you would like to make it clear to those in charge in the tech industry that things must change now
  • If you think an independent D&I organization that won’t cater to the tech elite is necessary

We would love for this #GivingTuesday to make it clear to those in charge in the tech industry: We are here to help ensure everyone gets a fair chance to succeed.

Project Include

Ellen K. Pao

Written by

Co-Founder and CEO of Project Include. Author of Reset. Angel investor.

Project Include

Give everyone a fair chance to succeed in tech.

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