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Project Include, from left to right: Erica Joy Baker, Ellen Pao, Tracy Chou, Y-Vonne Hutchinson, bethanye McKinney Blount, Freada Kapor Klein, and Laura Gómez. Not pictured: Susan Wu. Photo Credit: Ashleigh Richelle.

Project Include: Moving from Words to Action

Freada Kapor Klein
Jun 9, 2016 · 5 min read

First, we’re launching Startup Include[1] to convert interest in our recommendations into measurable, meaningful results that reflect our shared values of comprehensiveness, inclusivity beyond gender, and metrics.

We are proud to announce our Startup Include participants: Airbnb, Asana, Clef, Managed by Q, Patreon, Periscope Data, PreK12Plaza, Puppet, Truss, Twilio, and Upserve. We selected 11 CEOs of impact startups to work together to show how much improvement in diversity and inclusion they could effect this year. Each CEO is personally committed to the program, and each company has a diversity lens about its business. We focus on startups, because we believe they are the most nimble and innovative at driving change and having an impact.

In parallel, we’re launching VC Include[2] to promote accountability and metrics that are inclusive, comprehensive, and comparable across tech. We selected 15 VC firms based on their top leaders committing to participate and encourage their portfolio companies to join Startup Include and to report our metrics.

The current group of firms includes 500 Startups, Blackbird, Cross Culture, Designer Fund, Homebrew, Impact, Kapor, Lowercase, Lucas Point, Precursor, Reach, Scale, Trimantium, True, and Upfront.

Between Startup Include and VC Include, thousands of companies are impacted (through the attention of their VCs) and hundreds of thousands of employees might have more diverse, inclusive and welcoming work environments.

We have a lot of work to do, and we’re excited to be working together with so many others in this effort. We’ll continue to work with you to help harness the collective knowledge, insights, and efforts of our tech community.

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  • range of results for the middle 50%
  • range of results for the bottom 25%
  1. Instilling a commitment in your companies to manage and report diversity metrics according to Project Include best practices, and
  2. Allowing Project Include to collect these metrics for each company as part of your portfolio review.
  3. As a VC Include partner, report metrics on your own portfolio, on a yearly basis, according to our recommended guidelines: % share of underrepresented groups in portfolio company CEOs, founding teams, boards, VC firm managing partners, VC firm investing partners, VC firm supporting partners, and VC firm staff.

Project Include

Give everyone a fair chance to succeed in tech.

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