We’re hiring a Program Manager at Project Include

Ellen K. Pao
Mar 10, 2017 · 3 min read

Mission: Give everyone a fair chance to succeed in the workplace.

Project Include is providing true diversity solutions for tech workplaces — solutions with broad inclusion of all groups, a comprehensive approach, and measurable results for accountability. Eight of us saw a gap in meaningful solutions for entrepreneurs who want help building and supporting a diverse tech workforce. In response, we joined together to write and launch the only comprehensive diversity handbook for tech CEOs; it has 100+ pages with 87 recommendations based on existing research, our lived experiences, and extensive resources. We are now hiring a full-time Program Manager based in Oakland to work with our team to drive our programs.

Position Summary: The Program Manager drives execution of the mission, goals, and programs of Project Include and its leader by running its programs, building relationships with program participants, and collaborating with other organizations. The Program Manager will work for the Executive Director and interact with the Founders, program participants, other organizations, the community, and volunteers to represent Project Include to the community (including CEOs and venture capitalists), and the public.


  • Startup Include works with 10 leading tech startups today, implementing recommendations and tracking results through internal metrics and surveys. It brings CEOs together to improve diversity in their companies through metrics tracking and analysis, data-informed intervention, and community support.
  • VC Include works with 16 leading venture capital firms to survey and track metrics at scale over time. It will scale our data collection to thousands of startups and eventually tie diversity to performance.

We believe the most effective way to increase inclusion in the tech industry is to work with leadership at early-stage startups to build inclusion into their organizations and cultures early on. Project Include will share recommendations with entrepreneurs and investors, help implement and research our recommendations in action, and measure results using standard, comprehensive metrics collected over time. As these companies succeed, they can serve as models for other startups, large companies, and other industries. Our programs will drive to standard metrics, industry benchmarks, and quantified benefits of diversity and inclusion.


Entrepreneur: Project Include is committed to changing the tech ecosystem by setting the standard for diversity and inclusivity in tech workplaces. We’re looking for someone to build out the effort, running and scaling our innovative programs.

Results-oriented executor: Show impact and drive metrics in our programs, working with tech leaders as a facilitator and driver. Gather data and build processes to repeat and scale our programs, learning and adapting along the way.

Privacy protector: We have a wealth of data that we could partner to grow and to analyze, and the Program Manager is responsible for ensuring the privacy of our participants throughout the data collection, analysis, and communication process.

Collaborative Partner: Work with our existing team of consultants. Recruit and engage tech CEOs, VCs, entrepreneurs, and other tech leaders for our programs and mission. Work with partners in our data efforts. Engage our community in putting words to action.


  • Experience building, managing, growing programs, driving execution, and setting and meeting goals
  • Experience working directly with senior executives
  • Strong communication skills and organizational skills


  • Understanding of how tech companies and VC firms operate; experience in an operating and/or leadership role in tech
  • Experience driving diversity and inclusion in an organization
  • Experience working in or with a non-profit
  • Experience building sources of revenues
  • Experience in marketing communications/PR and social media

We are seeking candidates with a personal commitment to fairness, social justice, and innovation — values that are prevalent in our culture. We are committed to representation and inclusion, and we welcome applicants with diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

If you are interested, please email phil@projectinclude.org.

Background information: For more information, please check out our site, our team, our programs, our press, recognition, and awards.

Project Include

Give everyone a fair chance to succeed in tech.

Project Include

Give everyone a fair chance to succeed in tech.

Ellen K. Pao

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Co-Founder and CEO of Project Include. Author of Reset. Angel investor.

Project Include

Give everyone a fair chance to succeed in tech.