Magpul Daka Pouches

RF welded waterproof-ish pouches

Last fall when Magpul realeased the DAKA pouches I immediately grabbed the medium and small sizes. I was getting ready to head to Canada for a month long trip for work and then I was off to the UK for vacation. The DAKA pouches proved to be excellent for organizing travel documents and other administrative items. The RF welded construction is durable and the material has a great non-slip texture and holds up well. Due to how the material is welded together, the pouches are best suited for more flat items, they don’t expand much and don’t pack well with bulky items.

The pouches come zipper pulls made with 550 cord with heat shrink tubing which are usually great but Magpul opted not to use adhesive lined heat shrink tubing. I replaced my zipper pulls with gutted 550 cord and a shorter length of adhesive lined heat shrink tubing. Smaller, but still easy to use, even with gloves.

The medium sized pouch fits a folded 8.5" x 11" sheet well and the pen dot matrix on the pouches works really well idtenfiying pouches.