How to find inspiration for your next idea

11 places we’ve been turning to for inspiration and fresh perspective

Sep 28 · 4 min read

Our latest culture recs for shifting your creativity from neutral into overdrive.

Inspiration can come from anywhere — which can be very overwhelming if you’re in need of a little creative pick-me-up. To energize your mind and reinvigorate your spirit, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite inspo go-tos from every angle to get you thinking of new ways to innovate your passions.

1. Listening to podcasts from Luminary.

There’s just something about audio that makes it the most intimate medium. We love so many of Luminary’s shows, but right now we’re especially in deep on The Midnight Miracle featuring Talib Kweli, yasiin bey, and Dave Chappelle.

2. Beholding architectural design from TAT.

You don’t know someone’s mind until you’ve seen inside their incredibly designed home. TAT, an antique store in London, has a charming and elegant feed of interior design styles that never ceases to spawn creativity in other forms too.

3. Swiping handmade wonders from rrres.

Simple things can spark big creativity. rrres is a Latin American design studio that specializes in handmade goods made from cotton, wool, clay, and palm. Their feed is a reminder that everything we use has a unique shape and texture. And that’s inspiring.

4. Researching Lion-winning work from Cannes.

Sometimes putting in the work means researching someone else’s. Love the Work by Cannes is a celebration of the most impressive Lion-winning creative from recent years. It’s a great place to start a curated list of game-changing campaigns.

5. Imagining a whole new environment with the Jungalow.

Modernism and minimalism are very popular aesthetics right now when it comes to clothes, interior spaces, products, and more. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a time and a place for patterns and colors galore. American designer and author Justina Blakeney reminds us that designing a space is actually building an environment that can evoke feeling, fun, and playfulness. Her ability to bring outdoor inspiration indoors has us feeling raw nature vibes all day long.

6. Learning limitless design from Es Devlin.

As a stage designer, who also has transformed the performances of notable artists like Beyoncé, Kanye West, U2, and The Weeknd, Es knows how to transform ideas into art. Watching her class on MasterClass gives us the energy we need to think outside the lines about how to turn absolutely anything into art.

7. Taking our sweet time with Alvin Zhou.

If you’ve seen BuzzFeed’s Tasty, then you’ve likely known of Alvin for quite some time. His ability to turn isolated ingredients into edible art is what’s got us thinking a little differently about how we do things. Alvin has been experimenting with new ways to share his culinary passions in his recent work where he takes his sweet, sweet time to show us his process and his final product. *Drools*

8. Scrubbing to the perfect frame with One Perfect Shot.

If you’ve got a thing for cinematography, One Perfect Shot is the follow for you. It celebrates the artistry alive in a single shot of a renowned film or series so that you can dissect its brilliance in framing, lighting, and composition.

9. Streaming docuseries about design and travel.

Thanks to our friendly streaming services, artistic escapism feels as close as ever. We’re especially fond of Netflix’s Abstract: The Art of Design, and HBOMax’s Searching for Italy starring Stanley Tucci. Being a part of their creative explorations helps to encourage our own.

10. Regrounding the self with The Secret Language of Birthdays.

Astrology is a divisive topic. People are either ALL in or completely opposed. But if we’ve learned anything it’s that no matter which side of the stars you fall on, checking into your cosmic footprint provides a prompt for some serious reflection. The Secret Language, our coffee table icon, has been around for decades and literally goes through every birthday of the year and its meaning. We won’t judge if you become a believer after reading!

11. Hearing articles read aloud with Audm.

We’re often inspired to be imaginative by learning everything we can about the pragmatic world around us. Audm allows you to listen to articles from an array of publishers, giving you access to reporting and research that truly runs the gamut. From a deep dive into brands on Shopify to a historical look at Costa Rica’s healthcare system, you can pretty much find anything to learn. (Listening is easy!)

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