Designer Spotlight: Denzel Boyd

Jun 24 · 3 min read
Designer Spotlight: Denzel Boyd

Meet the designers behind Projector’s templates. They all have different styles, backgrounds, and approaches, but one thing’s a constant — we just can’t get enough of their bold and beautiful designs. Up this week: Denzel Boyd, an artist, designer and activist based in Los Angeles, CA. Read on for his design inspirations, advice for people new to design, and what he listens and follows to stay inspired!

Let’s talk about design!

How did you get started? How has your background shaped the way you think about design?

DB: Pencil and paper is the short answer, but years of visibility, connection, experimentation and collaboration in a variety of design environments (both formal and informal) have shaped my craft and vision. Through this, I’ve learned to deepen my appreciation for foundational design concepts.

What (or who) is inspiring you most right now?

DB: The folks at Zeus Jones have been a great resource for inspiration, in particular I enjoy exploring their thinking through articles provided by their daily offering “Athena Jones: ‘a playground for uncommon wisdom’”.

How did that work its way into the templates you designed for Projector?

DB: Their approach and logic laid the groundwork for me to give myself freedom to create work that is not so dependent on resources — time and money. I spent more time learning about the best qualities of the tool as a starting place of inspiration and possibilities, in other words building from within rather than from out.

What do you wish everyone knew about working with designers?

DB: We are not machines.

What advice would you give someone just dipping their toes into the world of graphic design?

DB: Figure out a strategy to connect with local creatives, collaborate in small or large ways, and create visibility around your work. Carve out a small practice focused on experimentation that is small by design but large in impact. Figure out ways to create more visibility, extension of present website, design focused Instagram, Tumblr, etc.

What are some of your go-to resources for refining your design skills, learning new things, or finding inspiration?


Accounts: @byseanbrown, @openspacesmag, @crystalzapata, @benjamin.ewing

Podcasts: Still Processing”, The NY Times, “Dissect”, Spotify Studios, “Emergence Magazine Podcast”, Emergence Magazine

Design: Quierda, The Brand Identity, It’s Nice That, Actual Source, 12:01 AM — Office of Hassan Rahim

Web: Cargo Collective, Typewolf

Finally, what’s your favorite Projector feature and why?

DB: My favorite feature is the swirl effect, it’s a really nice tool to manipulate any typeface becoming a new custom variable typeface built natively.


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