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Dec 18, 2020 · 4 min read
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At Projector, we’re fortunate to work with brilliant brands to help bring their visions to life — and now you can learn from them, too. Tips, tricks, and insights, directly from the marketers, designers, and creatives who walk that walk, below.

We sat down with John Kim, Head of Design at NEWNESS — a live streaming platform for beauty creators — to find out how they use Projector to build their visual brand on Instagram and continue to grow their beauty community. We love NEWNESS because they know that there is no value in content creation without authenticity and vulnerability. Everything they do ladders up to their mission: to re-introduce genuine, human connection to the digital beauty community.

What is your creative strategy for Instagram?

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How do you maintain a consistent brand identity in your posts?

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How does Projector help you build your content?

We use the GIPHY integration a lot! We recently uploaded some brand elements for our Creators to use onto GIPHY, so it’s been a really nice seamless experience to use across platforms.

The GIPHY integration in Projector

With our ethos of constantly evolving our brand, there are so many times we want to try out new visual elements on social or warp something for a video. Projector seems to be one step ahead of us when it comes to anticipating our visual needs. This range really allows us to draw inspiration and expand our visual language whenever we feel stuck.

It’s lightweight enough for a non-designer to pick up quickly while still being robust enough to create company-wide templates.

How does Projector help you plan your content?

We have templates set up in Projector. We use it for all of our social planning.

Every week we duplicate the stories we have for IG posts and stories.Then, our head marketing person lays out the social media flow for the week, looking at the calendar of everything going live. Someone on the team reaches out to creators to feature them while someone else writes the copy.

The marketing team handles 75% of the design using our Projector templates, and then the Head of Design puts the final polish on it.

Finally, we round it off and put our final assets into our Projector presentation.

Our branding agency also uses Projector (instead of Google Slides) to easily grab assets we’ve created and use them in other places.

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Why do you use Projector over other creative tools?

How do you use Instagram to build your community?

We hope that people will meet on the platform as strangers, and eventually leave as friends!

NEWNESS allows beauty content creators to connect with their fans in intimate, community-driven ways, where beauty is just the beginning of the conversation. You can learn more about NEWNESS at


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