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Your presentations’ new best friend: Live Sessions by Projector

For many of us video calls are both old and new. They’ve been around for years now, but it was not until last year (the bad one) that subpar standards in remote presentations became so apparent — especially in creative fields.

After a solid year or so of pixelated screen-sharing, laggy video, and constantly asking “Can everyone see my screen?” the time has come for remote video presentations to have their glow-up. Enter Live Sessions by Projector.

Live Sessions is a new way to present and connect with your audience in real time without sharing your screen. For designers, marketers, sales, and creatives, Lives Sessions is a great alternative to Zoom. It’s built to deliver high-quality, visual-first presentations.

With Live Sessions, share a link and guide your audience through a synchronized experience on their own devices. As the host, when you move through each scene, your audience moves with you.

A screen shot of the host view in a Live Session, where you can drive a synchronized viewing experience for your audience.

Forget screen sharing

Live Sessions is not screen-sharing. Instead, it’s more like hosting an interactive broadcast. You just send each of your guests a link, and they each open the Session on their own device. Visuals are crisp, videos stream in HD, transitions animate smoothly, and your desktop can stay messy because guess what no one’s gonna see it.

A screenshot of the participant view in a Live Session, where your audience can follow along on their own devices, without viewing a shared screen.

To start a Live Session, you need to make a Projector account, but your guests do not. Instead, they just have to click the link you send and type in their name. (This necessary change came by way of our June 30 product update. See our announcement here!)

Here’s a quick tutorial on how it all works:

Need a stand-out deck?

If you’ll be giving epic presentations with Live Sessions, you’ll need a well-designed deck. The Projector template library is filled with professionally designed presentation templates you can adapt and use for your next meeting. All templates are both free and good, which, we acknowledge, is a rare pairing.

Deliver your message the way it’s intended to be seen.

To start using Live Sessions by Projector, sign up for free at

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