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ReddCore Dev Update (Q1 2021)–Status Update

Hey, ReddHeads!

We have some announcements to share with the Redd Community following our recent Conference and exposure of some of the work underway.


ReddShare dev work continues as planned, with some limited backend work to complete and a bit of adjustment to the flow and “User Experience” aspects, we expect to be allowing user signup and full system use within the next couple weeks. We’ve gotten many requests already to be part of the launch as well as feature requests about using the ReddShare platform to target other segments and audiences than just music & bands.

Of course, that’s our natural evolution of the product, a simple digital feeless payment system to enable micro-work and we see that there are countless fields and industries in which that might apply, from video promotion to yoga studios to individual artists growing their fan-base, and all of that is available as the ReddShare app grows.

We’ve backed up our construction of the app with cloud products allowing the app to scale, but have tried hard to maintain our ideals of minimal data capture and user-first priorities. We are attempting to figure out how to leverage RDD staking to provide a further bonus mechanism to the platform, or otherwise pay for its own promotion by funding campaigns with stake rewards, but much of that will be revealed during and post-launch. We look forward to further ideas and feedback from the community, and if you’d like to contribute to the actual work, please let the Core dev team know.

ReddMobile (including ReddID features)

For our other key ecosystem app, the key pathway to ReddID features and our ReddMobile app continues to make slow and sometimes sideways progress, but always progress.

The challenge of applying decentralized techniques to a global tipping system requires a combination of techniques that we’ve made progress in envisioning and slow but measurable progress toward building. The social reward/tipping app using what we ReddHeads have come to expect as ReddID, or a “register-it-yourself-and-control-your-own-keys” name system, requires additional blockchain/sidechain design work to fully implement, and will pull together aspects of centralized tipbots that we’ve already begun the process of activating, reactivating and implementing. The challenge is one of decentralizing that and otherwise protecting users.

At present, RDD can be tipped on Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Telegram, and other platform support is being worked on, as well as the modularization and containerization of those components to allow easier code contributions and collaboration as an open-source project at heart. We are also wrestling with the challenge of how to best safeguard any funds stored on each app and system, and have begun strategic conversations with custody providers and other reasonable measures to help address any risk there proactively.

ReddJamm Radio (KRDD)

Springing from a Core team member’s inspiration, ReddJamm Radio (KRDD) showcasing music, content and talk from up-and-coming musicians, bands, members of the crypto space, the Redd Core and Ambassadors and more.

As an advertising-free distribution mechanism for those promoting on ReddShare which doesn’t require advertising support or data mining, and with other integral connections to the Redd ecosystem of products and people, ReddJamm Radio and Podcast is going to enable far broader access for the uniquely user-curated and ReddHead-recommended entertainment the world has been missing! Or perhaps something slightly less world-changing, but still very informative. We have high hopes and broad dreams, and again, being part of the effort is literally just deciding and asking to join. We’re just learning here ourselves, so feel free to help out!

On-website & in-app RDD buy/sell/swap through

One of Redd’s partners, Instaswap has expanded their services and improved their connectivity to transition toward becoming a more fully-featured exchange. Today, we’d like to announce the (near-)availability of buying/selling/swapping to and from RDD directly on one of Redd’s own websites.

Provided as a convenient option if not always the cheapest method, we expect that will be live in the next few days to service ReddHead swap needs, and in an expected 3 weeks, fiat purchase should also be enabled. We are working on making the process of buying and selling RDD to use our tipbots and upcoming systems like ReddShare as easy and trustworthy as possible, and we believe this is another step towards that goal. We’ll be announcing that separately, along with how to access that service through our sites, in a few days as soon as testing is complete.

ReddCoin (RDD) Exchange Crowdfund Pt 2 —

The Next Stage in the ReddCoin (RDD)’s Market Evolution
At the end of last year, ReddCore announced our Exchange Crowdfund efforts ( in order to achieve new market listings and broaden RDD’s ability to be bought and sold in all possible regions.

Working together with our ReddHead community, though mostly comprised of PoSVv2 funds, we were able to successfully negotiate and gain two new listed pairs on a new up-and-coming exchange platform, Though they had some initial problems establishing their data feed to the rest of the world, trading is normalizing there and adding to the availability and access that our ecosystem needs.

To go further down that road, we have established a pipeline of possible listings, each with benefits or drawbacks and challenges, and mostly reasonable costs, that we are continuing to execute on as previously reported, but sometimes an opportunity comes up that merits special attention. We have such an opportunity.

The team at has extended Redd an offer to be listed and have RDD integrated on their platform and to provide the basis for further integration with their products, as well as endorsement as a thriving project in the cryptosphere with our extended history and achievements. This offer comes with a 40K USD price tag, and would be expected to be implemented immediately after payment, meaning a go-live within a month. The listing does not include integration into their wallet product yet, or other items, as they will require further cost, but it does allow us that option as we are able to afford such things if strategically appropriate.

We would like to offer the ReddHead community the ability to support this initiative to list with by donating to our “crowdfund address” with the idea that at least half (and likely more) of required funds will be provided by ReddCoin Core’s PoSVv2 protocol directly. We would like to open the donations for a week and match all donated funds to see if we can get to our collective goal without depleting internal funds fully. If sufficient donations are not available, we will simply continue to add PoSVv2 funds as possible over time to reach our target. Donations may be made in Telegram by using the “/crowdfund” command with our tipbot, or sent directly to


At time of writing, there is currently ~168K RDD in the fund, or a starting point of just under $1000.00.

Redd Conference Post-Event Notes:

As a final note, we want to thank everyone involved in planning and attending our extremely successful Redd Conference & Career Fair on March 13th (video link here: and look forward to holding more events as often as possible.

We have been working since the event ended to enable translation and subtitling of the content in that video to a number of other languages we know our Reddhead community needs, including Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, German, and others.

We hope to have all of our material translated the same way as we continue to publish, as Redd is truly a global and multilingual community, and we want to share everything going on as widely as possible. If any ReddHeads want to add their expertise to our language efforts or creative or dev work, please just let one of the team know, we love volunteers! We’ve come up with cool ways to machine translate most of the work, but we need native speakers to confirm and adjust translations to make sure we’re always clear and understandable to all.


About Redd

Redd is a global social movement that allows anyone, anywhere, the power to tip, support, donate and fund social causes, independent content creators, and humanitarian programs. The platform utilizes ReddCoin (RDD), a reliable and versatile decentralized cryptocurrency launched in 2014 that allows for seamless payments across borders and social networks. All Redd Partners are expected to adhere to the project’s high standards of openness, accountability, and user experience as we strive to be an example of not only the stated ideals of love, support and inclusion, but also integrity, transparency, and honor.

Feel free to visit us at Redd.Love, or email You can also follow us on YouTube, Twitter and Telegram Love to all of our Reddheads, new and old, and welcome!



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