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ReddCoin (RDD) Core Dev Update, May/June 2022 — Part I (of II)

General update from the Core team on all things Redd, part I.

Due to the amount of content, and a desire to keep our ReddHeads from falling asleep while reading, we’ve split this update into two separate Medium posts. Part I includes Products, partners, and more, the work on the ReddCoin Core Wallet, ReddMobile/ReddID status, new platforms, new capabilities for RDD as a coin, and our blockchain as a whole, expansion of the ReddCoin ecosystem to connect to other chains and blockchain offerings, and more! Part II will follow this week.


May/June Dev Update Contents:

Part I (this publication):

  • Products & Software
  • ReddCoin Ecosystem: NEW & ACTIVE PARTNERS
  • Exchanges & Integrations

Part II (not yet published) :

  • Redd Charity Efforts
  • Redd Voting
  • ReddCoin Team — Redd Core & ReddHead Community
  • Strategic plans- Making ReddMobile/ReddID a reality
  • Discussion of 2022 ReddMap (Updated Roadmap)

Products and Software

ReddShare —

We’ve had lots of questions about ReddShare in the last few months; what is it, or what happened to it, is it being worked on and improved, and why isn’t it being promoted?

ReddShare was and is a beautifully simple concept that was brought to life by a pair of external volunteer developers working within the ReddCoin Core team. Aimed at the creators in the music industry, and allowing RDD to bridge the gap between bands, fans and promoters, was built to enable bands or other artists to post events, and fans or others to receive RDD directly for verified sharing of those events. “Earn more for doing more, or build a reputation and have others promote with you, building communities in music, band followings and ReddHeads alike.” Unfortunately with the abrupt withdrawal of the lead developer on ReddShare (and master of the Google technologies that powered it), the platform has been temporarily mothballed until we can find a suitably skilled volunteer dev in that regard to pick it up. Or until such a time as we can hire the same. The opportunity to be part of further executing a great idea is open to anyone with the desire to step up and be part of the team with the required skills. Join the Core dev team or work as a contributor by yourself; all devs are welcome to help make Redd better! In ReddShare’s case, bring some microservice and AWS skills, and let’s bring an awesome usecase demonstration back to our ecosystem!

ReddCore — ReddCoin Core Wallet 4.22 Beta

Located at, we continue work isolating issues and testing the new 4.22 wallet code. (Testnet-only binaries are located at: )

We have published four recent in depth articles regarding the new wallet features and functions, primarily focused aroudn the set of technologies called “Taproot” which may be found here. The first two are rather technical, but the third should be readily understandable to most ReddHeads.

As the images below attest, activity is proceeding on a daily basis with two key talented devs leading the way, CryptoGnasher and BarryStyle, incorporating fixes and solutions unique to ReddCoin, moving us forward to cool new features and enhanced security and performance in the Core wallet and RDD network…and even now being borrowed and incorporated by other cryptocurrency projects*.

(*To all crypto and blockchain devs, please remember the terms of your open source licensing and credit our ReddCoin team or devs by name when you borrow well-crafted code we’ve worked hard and put funds out for. Thanks!! :) )

At this time we expect to release 4.22.4 this week, including a number of fixes related to pre-SegWit address use restriction, new staking commands, one-click staking enable from the main screen (with underlying RPC adjustments), a new staking info tab, and a few more items.

While the software is clearly still in Alpha/Beta status, we expect that users may expect to begin to use the new wallets in approximately a month or so on mainnet. We’ll keep everyone posted as testing continues, or come help us Beta test.

Because usability and sync, performance, etc, are all remarkably enhanced in these versions, we’re pushing to get working, safe, secure, and documented code and binaries out to ReddHeads quickly, but with all the appropriate testing beforehand we can do. That’s critical to keeping the Redd network running smoothly during such upgrades, and we’ll be publishing some guides to the actual mainnet roll-out when we are prepared and the software is tested, as we want to make any transition as smooth as possible.

Coins in wallets being upgraded can’t be lost with a proper backup, but wallet details, databases, and other files will be adjusted in the new wallet launch process, and data changed by the new clients, so there will be a process to follow when the time comes. The new wallet support multiple walelts open at once, and mutli-wallet management and (shortly) staking and staking info across all wallets. The file structure has changed significantly in both storage and code, allowing us to move to a more modular and optimized codebase, also contributing to the new wallet’s speed and performance. As a benchmark, the testnet wallet syncs its 19 weeks of data in just about 20 minutes. Not bad.

For that reason, we’d ask again also, our Beta test group has been somewhat small, but we’d like to ramp that up and add folks who can just test the basic functionality and see what if anything breaks. It’s all part of evolving the wallet, and making ReddCoin better, and we all have a part to play in that. If you want to join in the fun (and maybe be a testRDD ‘millionaire’ with no value but all the happiness) just join our Discord and ask!

Monthly activity on ReddCoin 0.22 github repository


ReddMobile status is a little disappointing.

Due to the limited actual coders we have on the team, and the dropping out of a few key member devs and parts of our process, advancing work on ReddMobile (our planned and partially designed/built keystone app containing both tipping and ReddID name registration technology) has essentially come to a bit of a pause while John, TechAdept, and others are focused on Core wallet development.

We have released an entirely functional basic mobile wallet with more than 1000 downloads, but the additional tipping and name capabilities unique to Redd have not yet been added.

We have lost our main mobile/Flutter dev and have essentially struggled to make progress we can further release. Although we have created a suitably detailed SDD (Software Design Doc), it is not yet functional in a way that can be released in app form, but can be shared with technical devs, and we have been looking for the required talent on a daily basis. Any ReddHeads want to step up and actually commit to completing tasks, we’d love to have you! :)

However, we have, during the course of that work in the limited way we’ve been able to advance it, arrived at solid and full documentation of the core requirements and pieces that have been built and tested to date, as we have discussed a different way of accomplishing the building, creation, support, and evolution of the complex piece of software we have envisioned.

Each of those phases (building, creation, support, and evolution) are critical to the success of ReddMobile as the mobile-format cornerstone of our tipping ability in the real world for the majority of users, and we have learned just how detailed and scalable and intersectional each part needs to be. Especially to adhere to advancing and evolving standards of decentralized networks being built even today.

While the underlying tech has evolved during this time, so have the options for how best to build, or even how to architect the solution as a whole, including the needed ideas of user-data protection, decentralization and control of one’s own keys, privacy and security, and all the other expected features of a modern and trustable app. We have assembled what pieces, components and code we’re able to, but it’s definitely not within the scope of our current skillset to easily achieve our goals. However, in acknowledging that, we’ve also talked through the problem and arrived at what should be a win/win solution to the struggle to build this thing.

As this is a complex discussion and will require engagement of the ReddHead community to see it through and collectively make it happen, we’ve moved full discussion of this situation and our team’s proposed solution to Part II of this Dev update.

(Part II will be linked when published later this week).

ReddCoin Ecosystem: NEW & ACTIVE PARTNERS

  1. VEFramework

ReddCoin (RDD) has been enabled across VEFramework’s libraries and is available for use in any of their systems and solutions. Amazing work by the team there!

1a. Open Digitalization (connected with above project as well)


2a. Yami.Network — A new social blockchain/token project, integrated with Dappsy

3. SWFT.PRO beta crosschain aggregation

4. — Combining crypto micro income streams in a usable way. RDD will be integrated (as a native chain) as quickly as possible, although their initial focus is on Web3 and tokens. RDD, along with a few other coins will be included per discussions with their team.

5. BlockTunesMusic

6. Nuvei Global Payments


  1. BlueSky Initiative

The links above are inspirational in their concept and design and have contributed both ideas and insight to ReddCoin’s work.

2. UUNIGATE (An ESPERS project)

3. Nervos Network:

4. EdentifID — — NOTE: Interesting technology match, but philosophically distant in approaches. Partnering with this company may allow for expansion of their products into crypto space as well as opening doors for ReddID and RDD enhancements of existing tech stack and governemental, military and other application spaces for RDD.


MOTACOIN — A Cannabis coin and part of the Redd family.

ESPERS — An original staking project boasting of recent cutting-edge work toward Onchain websites and fractal tech

POTCOIN — sharing quite a lot with Redd, including a team with real integrity, a long, long time in the space, continuously evolving, solid staking technology, a real use-case, and a fantastic community. And now an evolved token ready for DeFi, Point of sale and more. If it sounds like we’re hyping it, it’s only because POT has worked as hard as Redd has, and we’ve shared ups and downs for years. So, much #ReddLove. (And in the interests of full disclosure, the author holds a bit, stakes a bit [and smokes a bit] of POT. ;) )

BLACKCOIN — One of the staking pioneers and like Redd, a first generation altcoin.

ALTCOIN RESERVE — By collective decision of all involved, this project has been semi-mothballed until adequate funds/staff are available to form a real team. Conceptually, we agreed it was an idea worth bringing to life. However, managing multiple such projects on a shoestring budget seems untenable.

Happily, however, aspects of the collaborative goal of the AR have in fact been implemented between teams included in the initial founding project list, and sharing of technology and expertise has actually been catalyzed in a fantastic way. The cryptocurrency envisioned to power the financial aspects of the AR project have been placed on hold due to the complexity and requirements of essentially spinning up another entire crypto project. We expect (collectively) to return to this effort in the future when some of the projects are able to underwrite the operations and staffing of this effort.


While we have no completed or in-place exchange listings to report since the last Dev Update, we’ve continued to do ongoing outreach, communication, and application. Some conversations are covered by NDA (or otherwise asked not to reveal to avoid manipulation), but we have applied to as many platforms as possible, and continue to, in efforts to broaden our on- and off-ramps from RDD to and from fiat currency, and to enable the easiest possible access for users to obtain RDD.

In recent months, we’ve applied or reapplied to, CoinRabbit,, MEXC, and more, including making arrangements for inclusion in Komodo’s AtomicDEX with our new wallet upgrade, but large listings are either cost-prohibitive at this time, or otherwise difficult. We would love to put together a ReddHead community group to address this need in an ongoing capacity, as that might be a good way to continue scouring the emerging cryptosphere for new and probable exchanges and integrations for RDD. It’d be great if ReddHeads united not only for such actions, but also for actual social engagement and promotion of our coin. Something to think about, hopefully, and something we’d love to talk about.

We’re quite aware as a team that the current limited number of exchanges and access to RDD is still an unsatisfactory situation, as RDD is not nearly as easy as it should be to obtain. That’s critical to our ecosystem’s growth, and even for the use of our upcoming apps. Our work in that direction continues, but is limited by hours available and a need for a bit of business expertise. We heartily encourage anyone who wants to help communicate with exchanges as part of the team to raise your hand and jump aboard; we have an awesome project to promote, and the number of exchanges available simply continues to grow. Shouldn't we be available to buy and sell RDD globally and easily?

Let’s make that happen, ReddHeads. Only as a community working together can we succeed; come work with the Core team today!

Continued in Part II (not yet published as of May 30, 2022)

For more info on ReddCoin, please visit and



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