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ReddCore Dev Update (Q3 2021)

Hey ReddHeads!!

Welcome to our ReddCoin Core dev update for Q3 of 2021. Our last update was put out in May of this year, and much has happened since that time, both in direct strategic accomplishment as well as milestones and changes to ReddCoin’s direction and tactical plans.

We’d like to use this document to bring the community up to date not only with items the team has already completed, but also some of the exciting moves on the horizon for our amazing ReddCoin (RDD) & Project Redd.

We have had some transition in the project team, adding capabilities in some areas while saying goodbye and wishing the best to those members of the team & family that are moving on to other challenges. As an all-volunteer project, our team is made up of some of the most devoted, passionate, caring people in the crypto space, and each member of our team is a valued and trusted asset, and of course, member of our extended “Redd” family.

We welcome new members, who want to collaborate and build with us, and we hope the experience and knowledge gained for joining the team allows for each and every member to grow and become better for it, as each of us has. If in reading this update, you want to honor your desire to join in and help create the technology and society of the future, please don’t hesitate to contact a Redd team member or just email!

Redd has had opportunities to share our philosophy as well as technology by engaging in events at DEFCON29, the world-famous security and hacker conference in Las Vegas, guest lecturing at Columbia University, speaking to groups from local Meetups to Stockholm’s Rotary International. With each interaction, more eager users understand not only what cryptocurrency and blockchain are, and how they might be used, but importantly, how ReddCoin and Project Redd are different, and why that matters.

While ReddCoin (RDD) will, according to all current plans, remain a “native blockchain” cryptocurrency project, it has become obvious that building bridges to some of the other crypto platforms, services, and offerings, especially those in the DeFi space, may be of great benefit to our own Redd ecosystem and the possibilities that the use of RDD will allow.

We have also begun exploring a new avenue of decentralized data-sharing and integration of our RDD cryptocurrency into not just existing systems, but new complexes of systems being built. To that end, we’ve begun exploring two new structures/ecosystems for our tipping/micro-transaction technology. For many in the crypto space, these may be brand new, but they have been evolving in a fascinating and complex manner separately while our industry has built payment and value systems, these systems have evolved to share data in the same manner.

For example, “ActivityPub”, and the “Fediverse”. Our technology and these approaches to social interaction make for a very interesting combination, and we will be talking extensively about these moves in future video chats and AMA events. For the moment, here are some informative links that may spark not only new ideas, but perhaps a desire from some of you to dive into what we’re trying to do and help us all do it.

We will continue to build our ReddMobile solution to cover the typically popular “commercial” social networks”, but are also moving to support a universal standard to interoperate with these newer decentralized, distributed systems, to accommodate the truth of users moving away from the “major” networks even as new users arrive there. We’re very excited about what ActivityPub support and integration with ReddID for self-determined and self-controlled financial aspects will become in the increasingly widespread options emerging in the “next wave” future of the internet.

Building software is complex, finicky, detail-oriented, time-intensive work, so the more talent, hands and brains we have to apply to these problems, the better we will be able to meet the challenge and build cool solutions. We welcome new blood and fresh eyes to offer different views of our work and absolutely mean it when we say, all ReddHeads are needed, come and join us!

Screenshot of Operational App Currently in Development


  • Development focus on ReddMobile (Android/iOS mobile device wallet & tipping app). Work continues. We are on track for a very limited release in tandem with our upcoming event, as long as the two app stores cooperate and approve in a timely fashion.
  • Development focus on ReddCoin Core — Wallet upgrade in progress from 3.10.3 -> 4.21.0b including and incorporating BTC 0.21 codebase features. That is a jump of more than 11 release versions of Bitcoin Core, and incorporates almost five years of ongoing work to improve, secure and enhance the Core code.

See our upcoming technically detailed article for features, performance, security and other enhancements expected in this work. Redd Core v4.21.x will need to undergo extensive testing of both UX, performance and security, and likely will not release before end of year 2021 due to the work involved in mapping and testing advanced features and incorporating into our feature roadmap.

  • ReddShare (What Is ReddShare? )
    Redd’s own home-built and supported nano-influencer, micro-promotion platform; earn RDD from home with no middleman or fees. Inspired by a specific dreamer’s idea, meant to boost the dreams and raise the visibility of all artists, no matter how many fans they have, using cryptocurrency (RDD, specifically) for the real reasons it was invented.

ReddShare is presently being improved to ReddShare2.0 with analytics, additional social networks and more features. In the first 6 weeks of operation, ReddShare served event information to over 3,000,000 sets of eyeballs at a combined cost of under $500.00. The normal industry rate for such promotion usually begins in the four or five figures for such reach. We look forward to making live analytics available as the ReddShare platform continues to grow and improve.

  • Ledger (Hardware wallet) integration, app build, testing and release — ~40% complete
  • Rosetta API/Coinbase gateway connectivity (including “Reddcoinification” of Rosetta) — Project defined and assigned to contract developer talent. Awaiting completion repot and testing/acceptance.
  • PoSVv2 Staking Calculator 2021 upgrade (original version available at )
  • DeFi gateway/swap project — Code requirements defined and in place, initial contact discussions with both MATIC, and ETH solution/platforms underway. Currently reviewing non-technical and tokenomics/economic aspects. It is our view that allowing cross-chain connectivity to the popular chain ecosystems allows a vast increase in the ability of RDD to be used in many different scenarios. The complexity of arranging such a radical upgrade to the RDD ecosystem itself requires more and extensive study.
  • Discussion underway with Plaid regarding a direct fiat-to-crypto gateway for RDD. We do not yet have any agreement or understanding of the requirements, but this would be a huge step for our ecosystem, so we’re pursuing it; if not now, certainly in the future. Of course, we hope sooner rather than later, as a direct on- and off-ramp from RDD to fiat/cash is critical to our growth and development.
  • Nuvei integration — working with their internal team to establish documentation and process of their support at Point-Of-Sale for RDD.
  • Redd Roadmap updated on , now also displayed on Roadmap will need further work to include some items in this document due to dynamic nature of progress. Roadmap is not intended as a time/date commitment, but indicative of activity and strategy.
  • RDD tipping on Twitch has gone live! RDD-capable tipping bots now active on Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, Telegram, Discord and others. Tipbot functionality will be wrapped into mobile app ReddMobile for easier use and tip actions.
  • ReddCoin (RDD) included in emerging AntumID “password-less login” blockchain authentication. SolarBridge Device + MySolarBridge Platform Account integration using Antum and your ReddCoin wallet address.
  • · ReddCoin included in Neblio’s NFT and “Virtual Economy Framework”

Also, two new RDD faucets sites have gone live; visit for a great list of ways to earn and obtain RDD!

Network Statistics

Multiplier has remained around 1.9–2.0. Current staking is at approximately 1/3 (33%) of our overall network, or a total of approximately 10.5Billion RDD being used to secure and validate the ReddCoin network.


We have added a number of roles to the project team:

  • Dedicated public relations/press outreach role
  • Dedicated marketing/advertising role
  • Addition of dedicated blockchain dev (contract) for required Core work
  • We are still very much looking for additional volunteer staff, especially in accounting/bookkeeping and project management, among other specific needs.
  • Others. We’re a growing fintech startup. If you know how to build software, websites, or anything else meaningful, organize the work or brainstorm new ideas, we want you to help!


ReddCoin has reached $200M market capitalization; currently at $100M following price drawdown.

  • It has been just over one year since PoSVv2 activated, providing a minimum of funding (~5M RDD/month) to provide for routine support bills, infrastructure and development costs. A full accounting is being prepared looking back at the year in review (July ’20-July ’21) and how funds have been allocated which should be published shortly. Our wallet addresses and status of our larger donors (and repayments) is available at
  • In summary, approximately 67M RDD has been generated since activation, which has been used for community giveaways, routine bills and services, hosted email and cloud services, exchange listing fees, marketing and press release publication, and other typically overlooked but necessary costs.
  • Ranked as highly as #29 overall on new EVAI.IO independent crypto rating platform.
  • Paid for and listed on new exchange: BitMart,
  • Paid for and listed on’s exchange:
  • Relisted on
  • Delisted from (for reasons not fully justified to Redd team)
  • Delisted from

We continue to work towards additional listings, especially dealing with the aspect of custody providers which tend to act as gatekeepers for certain exchange listings. At this time, no major developments to report, but we will report to the community as conversations turn into possible listings, of course. One note, we do have a resource working to complete the Rosetta-API work required for Coinbase integration. We will be further pursuing that as a key strategic goal as soon as the required code is in place and accepted.


Our primary website at has gone live with new branding, a central reference/knowledgebase site, links to our help and support systems and all the ReddCoin information ReddHeads demand! Yay!!

Huge thanks to the web team led by Michael K for getting this done and putting all in the time required. Have a suggestion for something that should be on our site, a new web app or page, or a submission for our knowledgebase or wiki? Step up and let us know!

Or click “help” on the website and just send a message!

Launch of new comprehensive help portal located at along with email support. Search our knowledge base for step-by-step common walkthroughs, get one-on-one help from our technical team or TechAdept directly.

It’s our goal to make sure that each and every ReddHead who requires assistance, or needs something explained, has a resource in the community that is trustable, knowledgeable and safe to rely on. That is what our helpdesk is, and according the metrics, we have helped an immense number of ReddHeads, which is truly awe-inspiring.

  • Effort in this area has been driven by Yavuz Selim among others and is a key piece of our community. If any of you feel you can help in this role, or any others, please let any of the team members know. Helping others new to the crypto space, especially when their funds are on the line, is a critical and key piece of what makes our Redd community the amazingly supportive and authentic space that it is, and we’d like to not only thank all of those providing support to their fellow ReddHeads in all of our channels, but to even encourage more of that activity. Read our knowledgebase, suggest changes or new articles, let us know what’s missing.
  • Get engaged in the process and help the next round of ReddHeads take their place and expand our community, learning about all of this new and confusing technology and terms. We all can help, why not you?

Redd sponsored our first MMA fighter as a member of the ReddHead community; Malcolm Gordon, @MALCOLM_X_MMA.

Malcolm won his fight and is using our sponsorship to educate local kids and expand his training and competition ability to continue to make a name for himself and support those around him, as a true ReddHead does.

Participated in as the first cryptocurrency project to launch the new “Educational Track” with a custom-built Capture-The-Flag contest exposing ReddID and our name registration systems to the hacker/cybersecurity community at DEFCON29.

  • A first for the crypto/blockchain community, and a hugely successful event, Redd has already been invited back for DEFCON30 in 2022 and other related events being scheduled in the near future!
  • Gnasher & TechAdept on video presenting the DEFCON29 CTF with our ReddID technology stack:

@reddcoin Twitter ( passes 70,000 followers!

Reddcoin Telegram ( at almost 5000 users!

As part of our ReddCoin social contract, our team mandate is to give away a proportion of our funds to the community and to charity events and support.

A fully detailed report will be completed soon on the financial aspects of our operations to include all of that activity holistically, but as a summary, our social media team held 32 separate giveaway events!

Focused around learning and engagement in the Redd space, exploring our ReddBook and ReddPaper as well as other resources and platforms in order to participate…

32 events, in which almost 200,000 RDD was given away to 160 lucky winners. It’s great to be a Reddhead!!

Be sure to visit our Community ReddHead chat & social channels (expanded and listed at):

We’ve held two separate video Dev AMA’s using our main Telegram chatroom (archived here: and here

ReddCoin (RDD) was invited to exhibit at CoinFestUK in November 2021, which we’ll definitely be attending.

CliniClowns ( was the chosen charity in the ReddCoin Dutch community, with some real Reddhead community outreach to identify and support great nonprofits doing “Redd” kind of work.

ReddCoin is working with crypto industry advocates like on #dontkillcrypto hashtag campaign to prevent industry regulatory overreach and share “human aspects” of blockchain and crypto with those outside the cryptosphere. Campaign drove more than 35K calls to lawmakers in the USA regarding recent overwhelmingly destructive regulatory language. We will be dedicating a section on the website to such partner organizations in order to encourage our Reddheads and those new to the space to support the groups doing good work for all of us here in crypto.

ReddCoin issued first team-issued participation NFTs, first for winners of Capture-The-Flag contest at DEFCON29, and then for regular contest winners. Our top placements in the contest were: 1st — goose 2nd — iphelix 3rd — gabrieledeluca (and iphelix, if you’re reading this, please check your email. J)

We will be embracing the application of NFTs as they both enhance our ReddHead community and provide new functionality to incorporate and strive for in the ReddCoin ecosystem. While ReddCoin does NOT natively support the complex NFTs that are currently popular, the concept of a true “Non-Fungible Token” does apply both to ReddID names as well as potential future functionality available by incorporation of newer BTC codebase and sidechains. It is an exciting area of development that Redd is currently attempting to use where appropriate without succumbing to the hype.

Expansion of active community engagement into Reddcoin Spanish. Credit to our Spanish admins Spanish channel growth:

  • Telegram 27%, Facebook 74%, Instagram 69%, Twitter 70%, TikTok 79%

Redd has inspired ReddHeads from Kansas City to Calgary, from Venezuela to Vietnam to act. We are using RDD to change lives in a real way. Bakery shops, education, hackathons and seminars, contests and giveaways, all small ways to share RDD, spread the Redd philosophy, and make those in our lives smile!

Subsidized by Redd dev funds, enabled by the hearts and passions of ReddHeads on the ground & around the world. If you don’t get how that works, ask us; if you do get it, go out and act. Each little action to generate good in someone’s day will echo and reverb throughout our social sphere and multiply exponentially.

Change the world, even if it only starts with a kind word and a smile, or a gift of a few RDD and some knowledge. The important parts of what we do as a community is right there, not just in the technological space, but in the real world, a cascading, unstoppable power, enabled by each and every ReddHead.

From one of the Reddheads doing notable work (@sebastianbur1) : “your donations filled a bag with rice, beans, pasta, milk powder and even cookies”. Simple… and so powerful. Who’s going to step up next and bring the power of Redd Love to those around you?

Redd has worked to expand our community philanthropic outreach, into South America, Africa, Vietnam, Turkey and elsewhere around the globe. Each little act grows our community, expands our reputation and speaks to what Redd is about. Let’s do more, shall we?

We’ve expanded our social active community to include Indonesia, chat rooms in Arabic and Hebrew, and more! Want to start a Redd chat channel or meetup? All it takes is a motivated ReddHead!

To summarize, it has been an immensely productive half year for ReddCoin, both visibly and behind-the-scenes. Some personnel on the Redd team have changed, but our mission and vision remain focused on not just solving the technical problems of distributed, decentralized tipping and transfer of value, but also the larger questions of how to make Redd well-known, well-understood, and well-connected.

As usual, we ask for any ReddHeads that feel you can add to what we’re doing, just to simply reach out. You don’t need to be a technical genius, as you may see from the work documented above, all sorts of tasks and plans and skills are needed to get Redd accelerating into the future, and that starts not just with the Core Dev team, but with each one of you ReddHeads.

Become an Ambassador, be a channel admin, create content (we especially need more writers and artists!) or yes, definitely coders and web folks and full stack developers and hard-core blockchain weirdoes; we want all of you!

Together, we can Paint The World Redd!

About Redd

Redd is a global social movement that allows anyone, anywhere, the power to tip, support, donate and fund social causes, independent content creators, and humanitarian programs. The platform utilizes ReddCoin (RDD), a reliable and versatile decentralized cryptocurrency launched in 2014 that allows for seamless payments across borders and social networks. All Redd Partners are expected to adhere to the project’s high standards of openness, accountability, and user experience as we strive to be an example of not only the stated ideals of love, support and inclusion, but also integrity, transparency, and honor.

Feel free to visit us at Redd.Love, or email You can also follow us on YouTube, Twitter and Telegram Love to all of our Reddheads, new and old, and welcome!



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