Charlie Jackson
Mar 1, 2018 · 1 min read

Originally Published: May 2017

For a lot of my projects recently the deployment process has been a bitch. And especially when I come back to a project after a few months, I would have forgotten a lot of the nuances in the deployment process for that specific project. Firstly I need better documentation but also, I’m lazy, so lets automate this. Incomes Jenkins to the rescue. Jenkins is an automation server which makes it easy to deploy, test and automate any other task with your project. As the only thing Jenkins can’t do is set up itself, unless you have another Jenkins server already setup, but let’s assume this is your first one. So I have created a handy repo with some scripts and documentation for getting Jenkins setup with the packages I use and some little quirks to help everything run smoother. You can check out the repo here on GitHub.


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