Charlie Jackson
Feb 26, 2018 · 1 min read

Originally Published: May 2011

Mobile Market Stall
Mobile Market Stall

This was my first full group design project, to design a mobile market stall. We created a design that enhances the look of traditional market stalls whilst offering improved flexibility, set up and portability.

I was incredibly interested to see how working as a group would play out and had some amazing experiences, both negative and positive.

I thoroughly enjoyed the way other people come up with such different concepts which in turn inspire your own thinking in different ways. An invaluable benefit of group work. On the other side it was interesting to handle dominant personalities and find ways to get everyone’s ideas heard and the most promising concepts pushed forward.

I performed all the 3D renders and Photoshop work shown here for this project and I think it is an excellent example of my ability to create in context renders and images.

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Freelance JavaScript Developer. Sometimes write about self development, tech and startup stuff.

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