Charlie Jackson
Mar 1, 2018 · 1 min read

Originally Published: February 2017

In an effort to maintain and improve the quality of my code and the ease at which I can set up a new project I have been setting up Yeoman templates for as many project setups that I can. I want these templates to be my master versions of the way I should be programming. So I can look back at them and update them when I learn new bits and pieces. Here are some of the ones I have started on:

  • Eslint — Containing my current Javascript linting preferences
  • Generator — A generator for creating generators
  • Gitignore — Creates a standard gitignore file for various project types
  • Editor Config — My current default .editorconfig file
  • Cucumber JS — Adding cucumber testing to your project
  • Git — Setting up git and gitflow for a project
  • package.json — Extended version of ‘npm init’
  • React JS — Containing various configs for setting up ReactJS in a project
  • Backup — For setting up different backing up systems for projects
  • Docker — Sets up common Docker commands
  • Jest — For adding the Jest Javascript testing to your project

You should be able to see an updated list here on Github, in case I forget to come back and edit this list.

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Charlie Jackson
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