Cooki — iPad Concept App for recipes


When I was studying in college, there were so many times that I want to cook but I didn't because of fodders management. For students or people who live alone, fodders management can be tough.

So I came up with the idea to help with this.

The concept was initial designed for iOS 6, which was one of my projects in school. but I'll also share the iteration and growth over time.


Let users choose recipes based on picking fodders.

After some interviews and discussion with my school teachers and classmates, I added feature of instructing step by step — which may help those who aren’t good at cooking.

Initial Architecture

Initial Wireframes

What I Would Have Done Differently

1. More Intuitive Way of Searching — Type food tags and pick cook time.

The original version separated two filters.

After reviewing, I think it will be more accurately fit to real use case to combine them.

It will also ease the process of creating new recipes.

2. Remove "Instruction Step by Step"

Sometimes it may cause the process to be more complicated.
The best way is to let user sure about what to do in advance, then concentrate on cooking.

"Instruction Step by Step" may distract users from cooking.

3. Layout of Recipe Page — Make ingredients and process as tabs. In ingredients page, the description highlighted with food tags.

The original version’s layout was kind of messy, and users may hard to navigate between information.

Tools I Used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch 3, After Effect.

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