Moovie — iPhone Concept App for Booking Movie Tickets


I first designed this concept for iOS 6 in 2012 for school projects. At the time the project was mainly focused on how to help users to choose the movie they are interested by categorizing movies.

It’s always important for me to iterate time after time. So I’ll also share about what I’ve learned and what I would have done differently.

Initial Architecture

Initial Wireframes

What I Would Have Done Differently

1. Two Categories — Trending and My List

In real user case, There aren’t always so many movies on theaters.
From visitors in the demo video exhibition, they reflected that trending list reach their requirements for most of time. And My List can be kept for other purposes (watch later, marked…).

To satisfy 80% of users first.

2. Arrange theaters in "Distance from user's location". Letting user easily to browse and consider between distance and time.

In this part, I also considered about linking to map apps, which can provide users advices on transportation.

3. Make “Proceed” button stand out to increase the average purchase. Indicate user that there’s only 3 simple steps to complete.

4. Redesign the Logo — Make it simple to be easily recognized.

Integrating two “0” of Moovie and make one of them as film roll (Which indicates that it’s about movies/films).

Tools I Used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch 3, After Effect.

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