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Are Fresher Lion Tamers truly ready to manage Lions after watching ‘Learn Advanced Lion Taming Master Class in 6.9 Hours’?

Photo by Ansie Potgieter on Unsplash
  1. First, the future lion tamer would go through some kind of a ‘Bachelor in Lion Taming’ degree at a university for 4 years.
  2. During those 4 years, the lion tamer was expected to put in extra effort to learn everything from feeding a lion 3 times a day to performing complex surgical procedure to maintain the health of the king of the jungle. There are stories of student lion tamers spending anywhere from 10 to 20 hours every week, burning the midnight oil.
  3. Further, after hiring a fresher lion tamer, IT companies would normally proceed to allow the future lion tamer to learn the specific skills required from a senior lion tamer or at least a lion tamer coach or lion tamer tutor. This could take anywhere from 4 weeks to 16 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the lions that need to be tamed in the future.



I have been tutoring for a while now. I write some quick tips, tutorials and related topics here.

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