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ASP.NET MVC and Angular — The Marriage-When and How?

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There was a time when I was a pure .NET freelance developer. Anything I do, the full stack of technology came from Microsoft. Server side technology, database, cloud, front end, testing, deployment, repository…everything from Microsoft.

That worked fine till 2018/2019. However, the tide has changed since then as it happens with software tech in general. Actually, the tide has been changing, but I seem to have hung on to .NET full stack for far too long. Even when I was full .NET, I felt like Razor pages, were not that good. However, my then client was happy with it, and we went with it.

Then, post 2019, I wanted to diversify. In fact, the way my freelance business was going on, .NET seemed to be losing favor with my usual type of customers. I slowly decided to make the transition to absorb more skills. I already had a foundation in JavaScript, so, I was naturally started gravitating towards Node JS and React JS.

That journey is still going on, and I keep getting projects in those tech stacks. In fact, for the last year or so, most of my earnings are from non .NET tech stack.

At the same time, I still want to do a lot of .NET stuff. For some reason, every .NET project seems to be tied up with Angular. Every job post with a .NET requirement (which I am more than qualified to do), I find that, Angular is ‘the’ front end tech. I don’t know when this marriage happened.

In a different world, it would have been easier to just learn Angular. However, I just like React JS. It seems to have more opportunities, and I like the concept behind React. I am getting more and more Node JS work, and React seems to dominate that side of the world.

I dont know when this marriage happened, but Angular is speeding up my lack of interest in .NET.

Lastly, the irony is, Angular is from Google. Google does not really like Microsoft. It’ just odd. Very odd.

I work as a full time freelance software developer and coding tutor. Hire me at UpWork or Fiverr. My personal website is here. I also have a Podcast. Thanks for reading.



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