Basic Full Stack Developer Learning Estimator Formula

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a formula I wrote the other day.

for my new app, I used my extensive tutoring experience of 10 years plus over 20 years of coding knowledge, to come up with a formula. I present the full formula here, with additional comments and observations.

The formula tries to estimate how long a new, first time coder could become a “basic’ full stack developer.

Defining “basic” full stack developer

art by Azzaya Gankhuyag

Now, the big question, what is a “basic’ full stack developer according to me?

You know the app I just built?

So, if you could build something like this.

  1. Build the front end.
  2. Build the back end.
  3. test it and make sure it works.
  4. make it responsive.
  5. finally, put it on GitHub.
  6. put it on deployment and allow anyone to use it on their iPhone or iPad or Gaming PC,

that, according to me, is a ‘full stack’ developer.

would most people, other developers, companies that hire freshers or anybody else, agree with this definition. Perhaps. Perhaps not.

For me though, the definition is about giving a first time coder, the confidence that they now have the “foundational’ knowledge to begin exploring the wider world of programming.

As a tutor, I am obsessed with getting an individual form “zero’ developer knowledge to this “basic’ developer knowledge. Anything beyond that, I am not interested. Till the “basic’ though, yes, I am super enthusiastic about it.

Which explains the formula.

Tutor Hours. Practice Hours

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For me, the most important thing about learning, for beginners, is broken up into two things.

  1. Tutor Hours. Time you spend with your tutor.
  2. Practice Hours. Time you spend practicing what the tutor taught you.

Both of them must be balanced. In my formula, I suggest a 1 : 3 ratio between tutor and practice.

You ideally spend 4 hours per week with your tutor, and you spend 12 hours practicing.

everything else in the formula is self-explanatory. and, that’s what the entire project is built on. This simple formula.

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