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Coding Tutor’s guide to Fortnite (2022 Edition)

I won! a screenshot from one of my gaming sessions.

Fortnite is an educational software that teaches resource management, tactical thinking, situational awareness and dancing.

I found myself playing Fortnite in 2020, during the pandemic. Then, I stopped. Then, I started playing it again this year, and I feel that, yes, students who are learning programming can take advantage of this game to sharpen their general life skills that will go a long way in becoming a good developer.

What is this game?

Don't forget to thank the driver.

The game is, at its core, a 3rd person shooter. It uses the very popular ‘Battle Royale’ format. That means, in each game, you are dropped in an island with 100 other players.

Every few minutes, some kind of thunderstorm closes in from the outer ring. That means, you have no choice but to run from the edge of the island, towards the center to avoid getting burnt by the acid rain.

As you do this, you will run into other players, all trying to survive, as long as they can. So, are you!

Eventually, the last man/woman/person standing, is the ‘victory royale’. It could not be simpler.

The Essentials

the player waiting area where we wait for the bus to leave.

The game is free to play. All you have to do is install the game on PC/Xbox/PS/Android Mobile. and start playing.

You can pay for things.

  1. You could buy this ‘season’ wide purchase called ‘Battle Pass’. This gives access to rewards that you can unlock as you play and collect ‘XP’.
  2. A season is a duration of the game where some sort of story plays out. For example, the current season is, ‘Chapter 3: Season 4’, and is called ‘Paradise’. The ongoing story is that some kind of ‘chrome’ is taking over the island.
  3. XP are sort of like ‘score’. You get it for many reasons. For example, you will get 6000 XP for riding a wolf for some distance. Or, for catching 10 fish. In a single match, you can earn anywhere from a few thousand XP to 100K XP or more, depending on how many objectives you completed.
  4. With XP, you unlock your rewards which can a new skin/character model, or music or wallpaper, or weapon skins.
  5. A lot of times, more than the game, you are mostly playing to gain XP so you can level up and unlock stuff. It’s dumb. It’s silly. It’s stupid. There is no denying, on some level, all of it, is still fun and can keep you occupied for days or weeks or months or years.
  6. There is also a ‘item store’ where you buy different things that keep coming every so often. For instance, this week, there are ‘star war’ items that can be purchased using ‘V bucks’.
  7. V-bucks is like an in-game currency.
  8. You can buy V-bucks from real money.
  9. Or, you can earn the in-game currency by simply playing the game.
  10. Of course, don't spend too much of your real money. Please.

GamePlay Tips

another win.

I rarely win, but, I do win though.

At age 40, my aiming skills are not what they used to be. Even when I was younger, I was an okayish shooter with the mouse and keyboard combo. Still, simply by being smart and patient, you can try and reach the top 10 frequenly, while also collecting large amounts of XP, and…occasionally win.

Here are things that I do, that helps me.

  1. Unless you are some kinds of a super awesome shooter, please, don’t land in the middle or in the beginning. wait till the end of the bus ride. There are usually less players on the edge of the island.
  2. The sparse population in the edges, means, you have time to do all the quests in peace. Do them. get your XP.
  3. Also, get your shield up to 100.
  4. Also collect guns that you like. I personally prefer long range weapons like the Assault Rifle and DMR. For casual gamers, Assault and SMG are the best. Easy to learn, and you can get kills at close range and at a distance.
  5. Avoid carrying shield and health packs with you. They never help you. Instead, they simply help the other player who killed you.
  6. Be patient. hear for footsteps. I rarely run. in fact, I crouch walk most of time, to avoid making sound and giving away my location.
  7. Avoid indoors if possible. If you have to go indoors, make sure you have your shotgun ready and fully reloaded.
  8. Avoid ‘fort’ builders. Seriously. Unless you are playing Fortnite for 5 years, you will never get good at fort building, yourself. These guys are the real pros.
  9. If you still find yourself going against these ‘fort builders’, like in the last few minutes of the game with only a few players left, carry an explosive gun. Wait till the ‘tower’ builders build to the top. Then, blast the bottom of the tower and watch them fall.

Other Things

one of the many skins you can buy with V-bucks/real money.

There is some amount of grinding in the game, as it is with any ‘gaming as a service’ business model game. Fortnite is no different.

It’s possible that you can reduce the grinding with paying for V-bucks and unlocking things faster. But, please remember that, none of the things you unlock and buy will help you inside the game. These are essentially cosmetics.

But they do make you feel good though.

I have played this game on the Xbox One S, PC with GTX 1060 and PC with RTX 3060 and also a budget Android phone. The experience is the same everywhere. However, the game is played on a proper RTX PC at highest settings. The game runs smoother, and it is easy to spot things, and easy to aim and so on.

So, playing on PC with highest settings of ULTRA (which is what I do), really helps. If you can afford, then, yes, please do this.

The game is definitely kid friendly. No doubt about that. There are enough privacy controls so you can be as involved or as isolated you want to be.

If you end up playing this game on a regular basis, it beings have a positive impact on your daily life. It’s no different than being a fan of an actor or a fan of a sport. You become part of this ‘ecosystem’ that is built around Fornite. The communites, the gaming sites, the score, the ranking, discord channels and the season stories.

There is always something happening in the world of Fornite.

Final Note

purple effects. wow!

I am of the firm conviction that my gaming habits from a young, and still going strong at age 40 is the reason why I am a good developer.

As long as you dont get addicted to it, I trust Fortnite will go a long way in making you a better developer.

I work as a full-time freelance coding tutor. Hire me at UpWork or Fiverr or Stack Overflow. My personal website is here. Find more of my art at Behance and Unsplash. Also, I have a Podcast about everyday life. And, a 2nd Podcast, where I talk about freelancing.



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