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GitHub CoPilot Is Incredible

The CoPilot knows what I am doing. Skynet is near!!!

This morning, I started checking my email for technical updates, as is my routine for the last 9 years. I have signed up for all the essential newsletters that drive my coding career. Primarily from Microsoft, and more recently, GitHub.

And, there was an invitation to use the technical preview of GitHub CoPilot. I think I signed up to be invited a few weeks back. Recently, I purchased the GitHub Pro subscription as well. So, yes, I got the invite. I installed it, logged in and activated it. I can say with confidence, only a few minutes into the experience, I can declare.

It’s awesome.

I mean, look at the opening image above. It knows what I am typing. Even in a simple file!

Testing with JavaScript

entire code blocks are suggested.

I recently picked up a certificate on freecodecamp website. The certificate and the knowledge of JavaScript has been incredibly useful.

So, I decided to start with one of the exercises from one of its chapters — Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

The figures tell the story themselves. With only a few key strokes, I was able to create the necessary HTML page. Then, I was able to plug in the necessary JavaScript stuff just about fine. The AI started detecting what I was trying to do and would automatically recommend JavaScript code.

if you are curious, you can check out the AI suggested code on my repository.

Final Note

I have used GitHub CoPilot for almost an hour today. I have been seeing these AI assisted typing this on other platforms. has recently has started providing sentence suggestions. Of course, the champion of all things privacy, Google, has been providing sentence suggestions for a couple of years now.

So, I am excited to see where it goes.

I also hope this comes to Visual Studio, and not just to VS Code.

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