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HP Victus RTX 3060 — Part Three — The Elaborate Procedures for Extending Warranty

in India, Extending Warranty is always a pain.

For whatever reason, in India, extending warranty is, mighty challenging.

While I revel in the awesome gaming prowess and computing power of the new HP Victus, the familiar problems return.

This time, it is about extending warranty. I remember that it took almost 2 weeks to get the warranty extended for a Dell computer. That computer cost me about $1500. This computer also cost me about the same amount of money.

Why cannot Indian vendors improve their warranty extension process?

The online shop sells warranty extension but apparently, that does not work because reviews mention that it does not, and they were issued refunds.

I called technical support, and they dont know how to do it.

I called warranty sales support, but they don't actually sell the warranty, and told me to go to a website.

Then, the website made me enter all these details, and asks me to wait 24 hours. However, the website won't send me an email confirmation or SMS to tell me that, you know, something actually happened.

Why guys? Why do you torture the Indian people like this?


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