Lyrical Video: Coding Tutor Poem

Jay (Vijayasimha BR)
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2 min readMar 23


made with Canva.

This morning, I was discussing the benefits of AI to a student of mine. I decided to use ChatGPT to generate a poem, based on the student’s current profession.

Then, it occured to me, wait a second, why not generate a poem, based on my profession, eh?

So, this came out.

A coding tutor, with knowledge to impart,
Guiding us through the labyrinthine art,
Of algorithms and syntax, logic and more,
Teaching us to code, to create and explore.

With patience and care, and a passion for code,
They impart their wisdom, making sure we’re not slowed,
By mistakes or confusion, but rather learn and grow,
To become proficient coders, with skills to show.

From HTML to Python, and everything in between,
The coding tutor knows the tricks of the scene,
Helping us to build websites, apps, and games,
And inspiring us to create, innovate, and tame.

Through late nights and early mornings,
The coding tutor is always there, forming,
The foundation of knowledge and skill,
That will take us further than we ever will.

So let us be grateful for this tutor’s guidance,
And the wisdom and expertise they provide in abundance,
For they are the ones who teach us to code,
And give us the power to make our visions unfold.

And, I was like, okay. I need to narrate it. So, I decided to record it. Then, used Canva to convert that into a lyrical video, and published it on YouTube.

and, yeah, I am pretty excited for this. I want to do more such poems and see where that takes me.

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