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.NET 6 is here — Phew :(— Coding Tutor’s Perspective

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This morning I got up. Started my day as usual by checking my emails. I have very minimal personal contacts. Half of emails are related to my freelancing business. Other half are developer updates.

And…an email from Packt announced that there is a new version of .NET.

I was like…okay.

A few months ago, I retired from ‘active’ developer freelancing roles. I could not handle the pressure any more. I am still reeling from pandemic debt, and the stress of my wife walking out on me (along with our kids) because of said debt.

From 2012 to 2021, I enjoyed updating myself with every new thing. I loved it. I revelled in it. I was proud of it and I liked it.

Yet, there is a limit though.

I can no longer do the never ending ‘update yourself constantly with a new version of software that we are releasing every week’ cycle and rat race of becoming outdated every month, simply because I took a month of vacation or personal time off.

But more importantly, I dont know what to tell my students. I have always worked as a freelance coding tutor and corporate trainer (side by side with my freelance developer roles). Now, I am doing tutoring and training full time.

That means, I now have one more .NET version to discuss with my students. I mean, what gives?

  1. I have a student who is only now learning .NET 5, but her office still uses .NET 4.X, and are only now migrating to .NET Core 3. This scenario is extremely common. Client is learning .NET 5, office is stuck between legacy .NET 4.X and migrating to .NET Core 3.
  2. I have another client who is incoming who is still using Windows Forms and that’s a very old version of .Net 4.X.
  3. I myself only recently upgarded by hobby projects to .NET 5, after keeping them on .NET Core 3 for some time.
  4. And now, begins another set of migrations to .NET 6. Oh god!

Of course, reading between the lines. Or, straight lines.

.NET 6 is supported with Visual Studio 2022 and Visual Studio 2022 for Mac. It is not supported with Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio for Mac 8, or MSBuild 16. If you want to use .NET 6, you will need to upgrade to Visual Studio 2022. .NET 6 is supported with the Visual Studio Code C# extension.

Why would you do this?

Every time I update to a new version of Visual Studio, at least one part of my developer tools or code or something breaks. I love Microsoft. .NET has paid my bills for a large part of my life and career. I came out of poverty (and now, god willing, will emerge from my pandemic debt) thanks to .NET and Azure and related Microsoft technologies.

Of course. I can install them side by side. So, now, I have one more developer tool to install, maintain and manage.

Or, a virtual machine then.

Or, a second computer.

Or, eat ice cream from the fridge, 10 scoops at a time.

Large corporations who drive the tech world — Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter and more — acknowledge how much they depend on Indian developers. At least two of them are run by Indian CEOs. These companies love contracting out all the mundane and routine tasks for $3 to $5 per hour whilst turning a blind eye to the 50 to 60 hour work weeks to Indian IT service companies.

I mean, why should they care about how their contractors treat their employees, right?

Yet, they seem to fail to understand that, Indian developers, simply cannot keep up on everything new, all the time. Each and every Indian developer I know (and I interact with them a lot) is working 60 plus hours every week, and rarely gets any time off for new learning.

Sure, I only work for 30 hours a week, and I can upgrade if I really want to. However, I am a freelancer, and not everybody has that luxury. I have the time, the money (once I come out of debt) and the computers to try new things.

Final Note

I thank the gods, and my blessings, that this year, I had the balls and the privilege to get out of being a developer. I am glad that I was able to shift to another career path of being a tutor.

But, I note, not everyone has this option.

I cannot keep up with this never ending pursuit of ‘updating’ self. I have been considering quitting developer roles for a few years now. The stress of having to learn hundred different libraries, ten thousand different packages and dozens of new versions every six months finally got to me.

I work as a full time freelance coding tutor. Hire me at UpWork or Fiverr or Stack Overflow. My personal website is here. Find more of my art at Behance and Unsplash.



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