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Pretend Speak like an Experienced Developer — 3

Photo by Vijayasimha BR on Unsplash

Use these casual developer dialogues to increase your ‘developer’ level. general warning: good typing speed can help you impress the females, help you make inroads towards, ahem, (clears throat) … destinations, wink, wink.

“Did you get that architecture diagram for the micro service system drawn yet? Don't’ delay it. You can just find tons of images on the online search with Bing! Yes, yes, I use Bing. So, what! the world does not run-on Google. There are other search engines too. I don’t care if you think I am lame. At least, I am not the one who cannot type in the dark. I can type in the dark, and I can hit speeds of 90 wpm. 100, if i have just had coffee. bah!”

“Sure, go ahead. You want to use bitbucket and Gitlab for version control? What is wrong with you? GitHub is the boss when it comes code management, and Gitbash is the complementary tool to use. Why did you think Microsoft paid so many billions of dollars to buy that. Yes, Microsoft messed up with the lame but still cute windows phone, but they are still relevant where it counts”

“Wait, what! we are already on .NET 7.0. I just sat through a 20-day induction program that taught how to build web APIs using .NET 4.6 and Razor pages man. Wait a second, so, 4.6 is actually the ‘classic’ .NET. Then, you the new ‘.NET Core’, which starts at 1.0 or something. But then, nobody has heard about. People are still using 3.0, but there is no 4.0, and 5.0 is already retired! and now 6.0 is LTS, but Microsoft says the current version is 7.0. And 7.0 may not be LTS but 8.0 is already coming up. And people wonder why software development is becoming complex”

“You know what I did last week. I decided to write a new class that was slightly out of teach with the dependencies of Swagger. The idea was to kill the previous working Swagger live documentation that comes out of the box when you fire up a new .NET Web API project. I thought, hmm…why would it just give up like that? Why not give a better error. I spent some time on Bing, yes, Bing! Anyway, I ended up on stack overflow, and found out that a more detailed error is in fact available in the console logs. Of course, I killed Swagger docs from loading on purpose and knew how to fix it. Yet, it’s nice to know that diagnostic information is available if this happens unintentionally”

“Dude, my boss just approved my request to get a larger desk with 3 monitors. I don’t know if it will make me more productive, but it sure makes me look cool when I am working at my desk”

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