Pretend Speak like an Experienced Developer — 8

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Use these casual developer dialogues to increase your ‘developer’ level. also, most of us are not karma houdinis. That means, eventually, all of us will reap what we sow.

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Pretend Speak like an Experienced Developer

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You know man, it seems like only yesterday, we were all going gaga over chatgpt3, and now there is already chatgpt4. Things are moving way too fast dude.

This means, we are not too far from Skynet level extinction.

That means, I won’t have to be working so hard anymore. Either, I will perish within seconds in some kind of a nuclear explosion. Or, we will end up living in wasteland without computers, which means, again, I don’t really have to work at all.

I mean, scavenging is a natural skill for all humans, anyway.

You know, I am still feeling the heat of Heroku cancelling their free plans. Seriously, it is a massive blow to students, who wanted to learn some easy-to-use continuous deployment skills.

There are alternatives. Like, Vercel. GitHub Pages.

Sure, but, I miss the free Heroku. You know, they could have kept it. I mean, any of the big tech companies that depend on youth could have swooped in and sponsored that expense.

Such a missed opportunity.

So, it’s true then. There are people who are coding on their mobile phone.

Seriously, I am not coding. I actually did install this app called Replit on my phone this morning.

besides, check out this meme, I made.

link here. multiple monitor setup — Imgflip

You know, I actually signed up for MineCraft Education this week. Microsoft has made it almost impossible to actually buy it for everyday people.

I am sure they have their reasons.

Perhaps, Perhaps.

Once I got past the buying challenge, I was blown away with the amount of collaboration tools at disposal. I am jealous of all the western parents and western kids who start using stuff like this at an young age. Their learning capacity will be increasing at such high rates.

The digital divide, man. It will only get wider as time goes on. Not get smaller, brotha.

You know, except for an occasional developer project here and there, I have actually quit the whole software developer scene.

The burnout, eh?

Exactly. I…just cannot take it anymore. Every year, in the name of optimisation and squeeze that one extra dollar of profit, things get more and more micro divided. Nah, man, I am out of the game, and will try to stay out, as long as I can.

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