Returning to Mobile App Tutoring after 5 Years

Jay (Vijayasimha BR)
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2 min readMar 30


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Thanks to one of my long term client, I am returning to the world of mobile app development. It’s been 5 years since I built anything for mobile. It’s like running into an ex, who is no longer bitter about the breakup.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a couple of notes about react native. I put them here for easy reference, and cross linking.

That was my experience setting up my iMac and one of my many gaming PCs with all the necessary developer tools for react native development.

Now, it has been sometime since i did anything mobile related. Of course, back in 2012, mobile phone app development is where I started. Back then, I was a window phone developer, for those who might remember it.

I wish I had some articles that I write in those days to put here, but, no, I don’t think, medium existed or I was using it. But, yeah mobile app development is where I started making big bucks.

The peak of my mobile app days, where when I was the lead developer for Myntra Fashion App for Windows (both desktop and mobile versions). Unfortunately, around 2017, windows phone was almost dead. I still remember the day when I put the final code on the windows phone for Myntra, saying that, the app is being shut down.

After that, I worked on a few android apps, and iPhone/iPad apps, but, I had lost interest due to the death of windows phone. I became more focused on API development, which was another major bread winner for me, since 2012.

So now, I dunno, what the future holds for me. I am no longer a developer, so, that is a relief. If this react native tutoring thing works out with my current client, ah, perhaps, I can get into the business of tutoring react native as well, along with react js.

Ah, good stuff. good stuff, indeed.

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