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The Iterative Nature of Learning to Code

Photo by Vijayasimha BR on Unsplash
  1. I start learning a new subject, and let’s say it has 25 chapters.
  2. I skim through the learning textbook or online video series or similar material.
  3. I pick up the easy 5 chapters in my first run.
  4. Then, I practice and build mini projects with this 5 chapters knowledge.
  5. Then, I take a break.
  6. I return to the material. Repeat those 5 chapters and learn 2 to 3 more chapters.
  7. Then, I build mini projects with the 8 chapters of knowledge.
  8. I take a break.
  9. I keep repeating this until all 25 chapters are done.



I have been tutoring for a while now. I write some quick tips, tutorials and related topics here.

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