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UI journey of .NET tutor-10-Certified in Responsive Web Design by freeCodeCamp

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I have acknowledged many times that I am, at best, a below average developer. As I type this, I have retired from active developer roles. Right now, focusing only on tutoring. Still, I started this UI journey some 9 months ago.

The fruits of that long journey are finally taking shape.

The first milestone has been achieved. You can see it here — Responsive Web Design.

This a sequel to my previous post, UI journey of .NET tutor — 9-Aligning with freeCodeCamp and The Odin Project.

Organizing Existing Knowledge

Now that I have a milestone to show, I have some proof about what I already knew. I have never went through a formal front end training before (this freeCodeCamp would be my first time), but I did work on a lot of front end projects.

I did have some front end knowledge, over 10 years worth, going into the course.

As I walked myself through the dozens of courses and tests and final project submissions, I realized that I knew 70 % of what was going on. The remaining 30 %, I learnt new. More importantly, I have the knowledge, now, slightly better organized.

That’s good. Also, I am happy that there is such a well designed online course for people like me to use. The freeCodeCamp stuff is so good, I am now — having gone through the course-confidently using it to teach my own students.

I strongly recommend anybody who is learning to give this a shot. Yes, god willing, once my pandemic financial debt reduces, I will be donating a serious amount of money to this project. freeCodeCamp has been added to charity/donations tracker file.

Final Note

Next, my path is clear. I will push on with the next stage of my learning on freeCodeCamp. Get a few more certifications, have my knowledge organized. Eventually, I hope, this long journey will end, with me having the necessary front end technical skills.

A sequel to this post, is now available here — UI journey of .NET tutor-11-I definitively suck at JavaScript

I work as a full time freelance coding tutor. Hire me at UpWork or Fiverr. My personal website is here.




I have been tutoring for a while now. I write some quick tips, tutorials and related topics here.

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